Thursday, September 26th, Content Patch 2, The Wrath of Sarisel, officially went live! Lets go over the Changelog for Content Patch 2, and discuss our first impressions of the new Game Mode.

Changelog, September 26th, Wrath of Sarisel:

Patch Notes, September 27th, Hotfix 1.2.1:

2019 Roadmap on Trello:

Wolcen Official Discord:

Wolcen Official Website:

Wolcen on Steam:


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6 thoughts on “Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem | Wrath of Sarisel Changelog/First Impressions”

  • learning_loop says:

    those death animations cracks me up!! HAHAHA who dies with his arms crossed holding swords? and dies falling off a cliff XD

  • Why do you sound like Windows narrator sometimes? How many times did you cut and resplice your audio. Also….. it's a continuous yadi-da-di-da….not really that pleasant. Consider taking it a bit easier. Splicing all audio back to back just makes you sound like a chatterbox who doesn't need air. This is just my opinion. Good job in the rest! I'm excited for Wolcen…..hope to see more content from you (at a more normal pace :D. ) Cheers!

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