Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is launching soon, like next month soon and the developers have finally given us the actual date. But what we didn’t expect was a full list of features that are coming with the final release of the game. Things like crafting, armor dying and a massive level cap increase!

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41 thoughts on “WOLCEN: LORDS OF MAYHEM | Release Date Announced and FINAL LIST OF LAUNCH FEATURES Revealed!”

  • I already bought it like 2 years ago and have just been waiting for them to actually do something to the game and release it so I really don't care if they increase the price for new players. We basically paid the devs to test their game for them so it's only natural we paid less for it. People buying at launch are paying for actually finished product.

  • Tsumujikaze77 says:

    Was waiting for a good price and to see what the game would become…. immediately bought it now. 30% discount and it looks awesome! Going to play immediately 🙂

  • HALO Productions says:

    Frustrated early on but put in some time, 19 hours now, leveled 2 characters (Melee and Magic) to lvl 20, and truly like the game. I hope they significantly improve and smooth out the attack mechanics reducing the amount of clicks into the abyss we make hitting nothing. I hope they increase the amount of waypoints and don't penalize a player after the 3rd death making us go back 10 minutes of play to reengage the boss that kicked our butt. Thanks Vulkan for putting these videos together, you've explained a tremendous amount and helped me build better, stronger characters. Looking forward to final release. As I stated in a previous post, I do think this is the game that will keep us Diablo fans engaged until D4.

  • FlackooPretty says:

    Awesome video! Is there a demo to try this game out? All the locations I have seen so far look great but all kind of the same? Is there diversity?

  • Am I correct that there is an amazing opportunity right now? Correct me anywhere I’m wrong, but the early access is currently $30 discounted down to $20 because of the Steam sale. If you buy before Jan 2, you get full access to the full game when it goes live, which will cost $45 then. Buy now, gain profit and full game in a few weeks without further costs?

  • I don't see anything wrong about them increasing price for an official launch, assuming the content is actually there for it to be worth the new price. Games always need to have a decent value proposition and honestly Wolcen wasn't great in its early access state with so much being unfinished, broken or incomplete. In fact, I haven't had the game installed for ages now, so I am hoping they will make it worth it soon. I must say I will stop buying action RPGs in early access, because it took forever for Grim Dawn to be a release worthy experience and Wolcen seems to be taking even longer (might be just the way it feels and less so the literal months in early access).

  • Sylvester Pedersen says:

    Theres no problem with raising the price of a product, the people like me who invested 20EU into a game we didnt even know would ever launch were gambling basicly. Obv you would raise the price when the game is actually launching. Its only natural. why is it people dont want to pay for fucking anything these days?`Stop being such a arrogant prick, pay up when someones did a good job making an amazing game, or just shut the fuck up and dont buy it. Your loss.

  • Sylvester Pedersen says:

    i remember buying this game so many years agoe , it had HUGE potential, but then it slowed down a lot and i actually gave up upon the game. Im so glad to hear its finally comming out !

  • I bought the game during Alpha and bought a new graphics card for it also. Liked the concepts and thought they would be pushing it out fairly quickly.

    A little disappointed it has taken this long.
    Might be time to upgrade my graphics card fairly soon…

  • Thiccandhairy says:

    I just miss the old character customization we had in in early alpha , you had this X/Y frame and draged around a "marker" to ascertain the thicc/skinny tall/low ratio if you will. i want it back

  • It aint cheap to develop and publish games.. they gotta be businessmen and basically earn a living too.. Therefore a price increase on a fully released game is fine! The price is still "indie" range.. and ppl can basically just man up and buy the game whilst it is in EA.

  • brad kirchhoff says:

    I really want that home building feature to come at some point. I loved that idea. I know it kinda got stripped out of the plans but it’d be a nice addition later on. In POE the hideout is pretty cool but I thought building your own home and then customizing it all would’ve been better than just a hideout. Not necessary but an option for those players.

  • so since i have early access and have been playing this from like a week after it was released on Steam i wont have to pay? its been so long i cant remember what i paid or what was up. i gotta check my account

  • Felipe Watanabe says:

    Well.. just a feedback..personally, I hate that way of describing the game: x skills, y modifiers, z acts, etc…
    Makes the game look bad..

  • ExistenceGhost says:

    Armor skin transfers generally means you can transfer a skin on an item you like to another item in the game as long as they match. Such as you love a lvl 70 sword skin that you have but you just picked up a badass lvl 75 sword with better stats and want to transfer that lvl 70 skin to the 75. This is my take and is exactly what it means in POE.

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