So here’s my complete IN-DEPTH OVERVIEW of Wolcen! Full release in January 2020 (hopefully).
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  • If i buy this game right now will i get full version on release ? Or todays version is going to be separate from one they are going to release this january ?

  • Matrix Modulator says:

    Your pop filter over your mic doesnt work this way at all. Incline your mic so you talk directly at the center of the diaphragm, it will sound better beacause now you are off axis and air from your mouth does in the mic above the pop filter.

  • I disagree with alot of this video this game I did just pick up and I find it great you say there is no leader boards or anything well of course not the game isn't out yet why would they have leader boards in a game that doesn't have a true endgame yet, also you say grinding gear for the sake of grinding gear ARPG's have always been about grinding gear which btw your reviewing the game and you haven't touched endgame you haven't even unlocked anything past the adept difficulty which means you maybe have like 10 hours in this game thats nothing, which is also evident by looking at all the shit gear in your stash do yourself a favor and before you release a review on if you should buy a game at least play it cause clearly you haven't given this game its due

  • I wouldn't say this is behind lost ark, just toned down in terms of detail. Lost ark is an Asian style game and they like to go way over the top with graphics and detail to a point where it can feel like too much. wolcen is a welcome balance i feel

  • Don't get this the wrong way, but you should start writing a script for your reviews. Your English isn't very good and I'm constantly getting lost in the train of thought cos it sounds a lot like rumbling some times. I think a script would help you be more clear in the points you're trying to convey without viewers getting sorta confused.

  • Deceiver Gaming says:

    you lost me when you put up DECLASSIFIED. this isn't a bad thing. Path of Exile basically does this too. They give you a template and you build the character how you wish. and what's special about this game is no it doesn't end with mage, warrior etc. You could play a damn spell slinging mage with a gun if you want. there are more possiblities than you are stating. I've played the game all of a few hours and already know this, but you're making a review?

  • Dave Bruckmann says:

    Tbh…. i like the graphics and the overall gameplay. But the childish glow effects on weapons are ruining the dark sphere of the game wich makes it look like some kind of nintendo unicorn game. It ruined d3 and also WoW. Games will be good but once they add shiny things to gear and weapons the game turns into a tetris kind of game. Now i just miss a secret unicorn/rainbow level to finish it off.

  • This "review" is pointless. Based on the notes from the developer of the game, the game is going to change A LOT in January when it's released. I'll give you all a TL;DR for this video. Is it worth buying in December 2019? If you're interested in playing it then yes, because the price is going up in January when it's officially released.

  • Due to no classes they should have some type of special skill tree for specific skills and elements much like POE's ascendancies

  • Marek Sarnovsky says:

    no skill gems like in PoE, thats very good, i dont play PoE becuase of trash combat and skill gems in items, but endgame of PaE is good, better than D3.

  • Twisted Umbrella says:

    I want the guns to be changed. Don't like the projectiles from the pistols. Also I totally get the shift issue. I have to decide if I want to use my cd skills easier or use my auto attack easier due to shift.

  • Release Jan of next year. They NEVER bother to add shadow to your weapons. It just kills any realism. The lack of character selection is pure laziness. They might as well put a blank character as you can develop to ANY class in the game. Lastly they talking "increasing" game price upon release. Good luck with that.

  • Hofnaerrchen says:

    As with most titles these days: Don't buy before release and after it has been released wait for a sale with at least a 50% discount. At that time the game should have received some patches to remove bugs and improve performance, content and overall quality: Bringing the game actually to a version that could be seen as a complete game.

  • They should have released this before the d4 announcement. Actually exactly last year right after "do you guys not have phones?" Then they would have earned shit tons of money.

  • Jeff Lightbody says:

    grinding gear for the sake of grinding gear and levels is what makes PoE and Diablo 3 fun… no one wants pvp in ARPG.. but I do appreciate your review. but a lot of us do like just grinding to be better and better.

  • Twisted Yukuma says:

    The classless argument is silly to me because that is literally in the description of the game its what they advertised and also it's about mixing and matching not playing a class and that's it silly argument.

  • Sibernetik ve Hububat A.Ş says:

    This game needs classes and PvP. Release date won't change the fact that Wolcen still needs time. At least another year to settle a complete story and a complete endgame.

  • Anders Prezent says:

    You seriously having a hard time justifying 45$ in this day and age where microtransactions in pretty much any mobile game or EA game or Activision game will cost you way more and give you way less? Let's just say i dont agree with you on that one.

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