Wolcen Lords of Mayhem beta PC gameplay review. Full game release date: late 2019. After a new trailer and updates, is Wolcen worth playing? Story mode to be available in both online multiplayer and offline modes. Stay tuned for more aRPG news.


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28 thoughts on “Wolcen Act 1 Released: Campaign Gameplay Review 2019 (PC Beta)”

  • atm im playing Last Epoch on Steam, its ok but the map with the 4-5 different era's is kinda confusing, and not sure if the combat at the moment feels satisfying, Wolcen graphics look very good and are dark like maybe D3 should of been, Everyone trying to do what D3 couldnt is good for us , we get more diablo style games for sure I LOVE IT 🙂

  • My favorite hybrid build is a double battle-axe wielding barbarian who periodically shoots fireballs from his ARSE…. that's some hybrid!!!!!

  • Luciano Casaroli says:

    I played the opening act.
    Dialogue is cheesy, the deliver is a bit lacking and some animations are clunky.
    I’ve yet play more and see the problems with the mage for myself.
    I hope these problems have been patched.

  • Sparticus 007 says:

    I've logged 10 hours in this game, 3 of which to complete Act 1, I’ve got a few legendaries and unique items, I think it's very enjoyable, i have a very fleshed out build and found the game a breeze until end game, currently level 20, I died for the first time on the final 5 min home stretch, and again in their "adventure" esque game mode in a similar "rift" style challenge that diablo has, i died at level 5, the difficulty here seems to scale very quickly and definitely enjoyable, both deaths however can be attributed to the clunkiness as stated in this video, a problem I found with my build, for single targets its about generating a lot of rage, stunning and spamming a heavy hitter, it does have methods for dealing with large crowds for those wondering, the animation of the heavy hitter can stack, i didn't notice until end game that this was the case as nothing could survive long enough to hurt me, if i spam 3-4 times, i would have to wait for that many animations before being able to doge or move or use any evasive skill i had, which is problematic with some boss types or yellow/blue packs.

    I think it is challenging for newcomers but not so much for the veterans of the genre, for the diablo elite this game needs a tune up for sure, especially as the game gets new gear, spells etc which enhances your damage. As someone who has logged many 1000's of hours into the diablo series the game just does not feel difficult, this is what i would say if this was the whole game; the important thing to remember if you play this is it's only Act 1, it brings a degree of difficulty and skill to the table that I feel was lost in diablo 3.

    In short, this game has many pros and cons, we can only dream of what the future brings and I believe it could be bright for wolcen if they can deliver.

    P.S. I am not paid to say anything ever by anyone.

  • Well Rhykker. It seems the release date has moved to January 2020. Also, doing a crit melee build with lots of ferocity and good agility makes you do insane damage. Also, I picked passives that make my health regen very high per tick. Oh and they have a rage ability that literally is doing the moves from Kratos with his blades of Chaos. So cool.

  • Please let this game happen and become the best arpg ever and a great slap in the face of blizzard which is too much arrogant and fans despising

  • Slcaineh Mierz says:

    In my Opinion Wolcen has left Wolcen since the last few big updates. That what they wanted to do with Wolcen is no longer avialable, so i dont need to be in a hockey team when i want to play tennis.

  • UnknownHumanoid says:

    I don't trust this game. They changed so much the whole concept, I don't trust they will not change it again and I don't know into what.

  • Minh Hoang Le says:

    It`s always like this for every Action MMO. The funnest part is when you start with nothing until you have op gear and just steamroll trashmobs.

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