Vitamin C Serum for blemish free clear skin !!

Vitamin C Serum for blemish free clear skin !!

The Vitamin C Serum is magical and a god sent for people who crave for clear blemish free skin.. here I have tried to clear all your doubts on it. I’m right here ..if I haven’t managed to cover the full topic.. ask and I will answer 🥰☺️
Whatsapp Sandhu 7087937205 if you need the raw materials.


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38 thoughts on “Vitamin C Serum for blemish free clear skin !!”

  1. Ma'am…Pls check this link which I came across today!

  2. Is there a DIY for hyaluronic serum..or do we purchase it and if it is to be purchased which brand do we go in for..please tell us Ambika mam

  3. I have ordered the serum I received it today I mixed it for about 10 mins but it isn't mixing when I applied it on face it's like full salt on my face

  4. Mam can i eat vitamin c tablet with out consulting docter…is it good for health…is it work as serum…is it remove pimples and darkspots..mam plz reply …plz………

  5. Hii mam my face wase totally helthless in my face there are many problem my skin is oli also dry also and my face is dark spots pimples also so mam canu halpe me ples mam my no is 74076839147

  6. Hi Ambika madam.. The serum which I made is lasting 2 weeks without the solution turning yellow. I keep it refrigerated. I hope I can use until it changes the colour from clear to yellow??

  7. Ambika Chechi Yesterday I transferred Rs.1600/- for purchase of hyaluronic acid serun. I forwarded the transaction details to Sandhu also. But there is no message or no intimation from him. kindly look into this matter. Please chechi.

  8. Madam is there any side effects when we use this vit c serum,i make this serum as you shown in this vedio and i also check by putting the vit c powder in the betadine for making sure that the vit c powder is genuine,the betadine water turns clear.At the first use it is in the night there were no problem for me but after when i use the serum in the morning my skin shows some redness and small burns and my skin type is oily so i dont use glycerine.Pls tell me Madam what is the reason for this.

  9. Check this out at
    Charco's Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid Powder, Immunity Booster, Skin whitening,400g

  10. Mammmmmm plz tell me one online link for vit c powder…plzz ..i hv mny acne..consult many doctors…startd pimples @ 10 am 28..plz

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