39 thoughts on “Vitamin C in Skincare A Biochemist Perspective”

  • The two ingredients I mention in the video are trans-resveratrol (antioxidant) and arbutin (Skin brightener)! Sorry for not having titles I will get better at this YT thing I promise 🤗

  • Inés Penella says:

    Hi Kenna! What do you think about the interaction of vitamin c or its derivatives in skin care with iron from iron oxides in make up? I mean about its reducing and chelating properties. Thanks!

  • Leticia Matias says:

    me: * pausing the video every ten seconds to take notes on what you’re talking about *

    me now: nice and educated :))

  • Sarah Ceasar says:

    Glad you explained why Vitamin C products aren't all they're cracked up to be! Unless they contain other ingredients for brightening effects. No more wasting money. 👍👍👍

  • Patricia Solis says:

    Love this, I love my vit c, mine also has a combination of other ingredients, arbutin,Gooseberry
    Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells, Licorice Extract. I was looking at another one in powder form, it is Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, what do you think that?

  • Would love to see you do a collab with a dermatologist like Dr Sandra Lee! Perhaps debunking common skincare myths or something like that. I love your explanations of the biochemistry & Dr Lee sees a lot of patients who believe some pretty outlandish stuff. It'd be cool for you combine your expertise in biochemistry with hers in skin pathophysiology on something like that!

  • Sheikh Saifuddin says:

    Wow this is actually very informative. Thanks. Was heavily considering a vit-c serum, but i haven't had good results with them before so i decided to do some research before investing again. Glad i found this. Personally, every time I've used a vit c serum or vit c contianing product, I've had the opposite result of what it's supposed to do. So i always ended up with worse looking spots and pigmentation. I was really confused so i decided to google and turns out im not alone.

  • Mariana Villanova says:

    The Magnesium Phosphate 10% from The Ordinary works fine on my skin without being an irritant and giving me softer skin and slight brightening effect.

  • Joanna Olson says:

    Thank you for sharing! I’ve used Vit. C and have never seen the claimed benefits on my skin. I just thought that I was buying cheap products 😅

  • Nilam Mishra says:

    Hi Kenna
    I have a big Malasma on my face and I use vitC for brightening. Now through ur review I came to learn that there are many other products that has the brightening effects. Could you kindly suggest some that are available in Australia. I used hydroquinone 2% moisturiser but haven’t seen much improvement.

  • Gabriela Daneshka says:

    And what about the L Absorbic Acid in powder form? I have the one from the Ordinary and I'm not so sure how much it does. I think I might switch to Q10 as an antioxidant or alpha arburin and just use my niancinamide separately

  • Maya Fitriana says:

    thanks for your nice talk.
    If I may give a comment, it would be more interesting and easier to understand and even easy to remember if you give simple animation or like handwriting on the board, because you are talking about biochemistry which is you know it is a little bit complex (I think), but it is interesting topics and very good information.
    Keep making the videos about the interesting topics 😉

  • Emilie Sandell says:

    Yeees! I love this, these are the videos I've always wanted to see. I do want to hear more about how convinced you are that these ingredients absorb and really work. I'd love to see some references to papers too. Some source work.😉 Love!

  • Terquise Fog says:

    You said that Albutin can help with skin pigmentation and scaring, do you know any products on the that contain it and are effective for scarring?
    and is vitamin E stable and more favorable than vitamin C?

  • Wonderful video! In regards to resveratrol. I use Allies of Skin's TRIPLE HYALURONIC ANTIOXIDANT HYDRATION SERUM. It states it has %5 of Resveratrol Ferment. What is the difference in efficacy between trans-resveratrol and just resveratrol in the skin? If any. Thank you in advance if you reply!

  • Annemarie Rottorf says:

    Thank you for the info r Marion. I use Arbutin & take Resveratrol if you That is the same thing thing. I eat a diet rich and in dark leafy greens raw in sald., I roast red peppers & make roasted garlic for the this range free chicken dish I make every week followed by berries fresh air in season, frozen out of the season. I also take emergen C twice a week. Is there more I should doing?

  • Evelyn Glick says:

    Thank you for this great informative video. Please give us the best products to use to prevent aging and hyperpigmentation. Ingredients will help but naming your favorite products will be even better.

  • OnWingsOfHope says:

    I love what my Vitamin C – E & Ferulic Acid serum has done for my complexion & will be sticking to it. I will however, add resveratrol & Arbutin into my skin care routine as a booster.

  • Laura Jo Ortega says:

    Found your channel through all the Jaclyn Hill nonsense. You’re amazing! I have been watching Dr. Dray for years and it’s great to find another credible educated person on YT. Against my better judgement I purchased the Skinceuticals C E Ferrulic serum and it might just be my imagination and change in weather/eating habits, but I can really notice a difference. I’ve been taking “progress” pics every month and there is improvement in my dark spots and my complexion overall is smoother. Could this actually be due to this very expensive serum or is there just not enough research to say for sure ? Also, WHY is Skinceuticals so expensive??? Scam? Scientific explanation ? Please make a video on this brand ! Greetings from Texas!

  • Serene Artist says:

    Thank you very much. I no longer use vitamin c topicals as I researched it myself and there’s no real data to support its use; I’ve even found data stating it can eventually age skin.

  • Paige Rasbeary says:

    What are some more agents you recommend using on the skin to produce collagen? I’m 19 and I am already getting wrinkles in my forehead but it makes no sense because Ive always drank plenty of water, never suffered from dry skin, and my skin is baby soft every where else

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