I have been super excited to test out these new propellers, however I’m not sure they live up to the manufactures expectations, I ended up finding a lot more cons then pros. I don’t see myself using these on a regular basis but the overall results are interesting. Thanks for watching and here are some highlights for those who don’t have time to watch this entire video! Thanks for watching!

Amazingly Cool Cinematic Takeoff Clip: 14:21

Blade Installation: 3:13
Finding A Bad Blade: 5:35
Trying To Stuff Mavic Into Fly More Bag: 7:40
First Indoor Flight Test: 10:19
Second Indoor Flight Test: 12:08
First Outdoor flight: 15:30
Camera Lag Error: 17:16
Final Conclusion: 19:07
Final Conclusion (short) 21:03

The Triple Blade Prop:






SHOUT OUT TO Adrian Mateo Drones


source: https://sebastienizambard.net/

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26 thoughts on “Triple Blade Propeller Vs. DJI Stock Double Blade Prop | (( MAVIC 2 ) PRO & ZOOM )”

  • Greg Williams says:

    What about the speed difference? You need to improve your information on what you are doing. We need before speed and after speed!
    Need times, rpm etc..
    You need all this info to judge. You almost sound like a burnout, sorry.

  • I'd like to know the temperature, in the direct sunlight, when the lock up occurs. Yeah, I trust DJI and Master Airscrew props.

  • Pea's Kites & Drones says:

    thanks for the review, I scrolled straight to 19 mins for the conclusion, so next time, maybe make your review videos shorter? on the plus side, your conclusion was very very helpful

  • Hey dude did you have an excellent adventure (ref Bill and ted) 🙂 Yep never by condoms from China every 13th one gets a pin hole in the end hahahaha

  • Lamborghini Breez says:

    My Mavic pro has had the double blade carbon fiber. They definitely help with wind conditions. Plastic befits you only so much lol. I see comments saying they made them flexible for a reason and that’s true. Also do you see plastic props on an airplane?

  • Nick, I will tell you what I think, but I dont have too. Because it's the same as what you think… trust the gut Nick, trust the gut……

  • Too much drag with 3 props less duration…it's not the purpose of this drone to have a high pinch
    So can't mix it with acrobatic ones…..why not try a 4 props…lol

  • Haha – I like your style Nick – not too technical, more ‘seat of the pants’ how does it feel, nice and chilled – got my sub bro. Interesting review; theoretically with the extra blade the motor shouldn’t need to work so hard to produce the same amount of lift, so should be quieter. Conversely, most of the noise is generated by the outermost section of the blade, and especially at the tip, so with more tips producing sound, that might cancel the slower rotation. There is always a little vibration with any blade set, but the gimbal can compensate up to a point, beyond which…well, you’ll know it if you see it on the screen – serious dose of the shakes. About the heat issue – I haven’t encountered that, and I’ve flown my Mavic Pro up to 4 km (2.5 m) out to sea on 40°C (104°F) days to the point where the cooling baffles on the base burnt my hand after landing, but never had any heat-associated issue with the camera. Seems weird. Anyway, enough of my babbling on – enjoyed the review Nick and thanks for sharing! Cheers from Sydney, Australia. Phil 👍👍🇦🇺

  • I'll stay with the original ones… Those ones you showed were loud and none reliable…They could break in mid air and you'll be screwed!

  • Try changing the Dji connector cord. Looks like you are using an iPhone. Try using a lightning data cord connect to the USB slot at the bottom of the remote to the phone or iPad. No more Lag

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