My Apple Airport Extreme router was due to be replaced so after performing some research I decided on the TP-Link Deco M4 Mesh Wifi router. For this video I will show you how I have set it up in my home and the speed test results I have received both before and after. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe.
I bought the Deco on Amazon at the link below:
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6 thoughts on “TP-Link Deco M4 Mesh Wifi Router vs AirPort Extreme 2019”

  • The TP link Deco E4 is cheaper at $100 (for 3 piece set). The difference is the M4 has gigabit ethernet while E4 has Fast ethernet (meaning upto 100 mbps service plans). So if your data service is less than 100 mbps, you can save money on the E4 model.

  • THANH NGUYEN says:

    I have the same router but its not consistent fast. Sometimes it get the same speed as my asus ac1900 but sometimes its 100mbps slower.

  • I cannot afford a Netgear Orbi …… But the TP Link Deco M4 should be ideal for what I personally need …. just to get internet access to the upstairs
    because I have no cables or internet points upstairs so they look ideal of my budget ….. thank you for posting this video mate

  • Thanks ive been on the fence between this or the m9 plus. Do you think your speed wuld better if you had a better data package?

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