This Anti Aging Vitamin C Face Wash Will Make Even 50 Year Old Skin Look Like 20 Years !!!

This Anti Aging Vitamin C Face Wash Will Make Even 50 Year Old Skin Look Like 20 Years !!!

Anti Aging Vitamin C Face Wash Will Make Your Skin Look 10 Years Younger & Will Erase Wrinkles Too.





(This powder is expensive but seeing all the wonderful reviews from few of my friends I ordered it and am loving it and it is so worth the price. You can make loads of batches of vitamin c serum and face wash with one bottle). If you find it expensive you can use vitamin c tablets too or there are lesser expensive options too but research well before buying very cheap vitamin c powders….




(Indian Brand):

Liquid Castile Soap (Foreign brand, the best but expensive):


Take 1/4 cup of water in a bowl. Add in 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin C powder to it. Now mix well with a spoon. Mix well till the vitamin C powder dissolves completely. Since I’ve used fine vitamin C powder it dissolves very easily but if you are using large vitamin C crystals, it’ll take some time to dissolve.

Once fully dissolved, add in 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap. Now add in a teaspoon of aloe vera gel that is free of color and perfume. Finally add in two to three drops of tea tree essential oil. Now mix well with a spoon. Mix well till all the ingredients are combined well together.

To use, take little bit of the cleanser in a piece of cotton and apply it all over the face. Massage for a minute or two and then wash it off.


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