Part 1 was the no service flight. In Part 2 I get to indulge in the full Royal Jordanian Business Class experience.

A 5 hour flight from Amman to Amsterdam gave me the opportunity to test out the Royal Jordanian Business Class Service including the inflight dining, the business class seat and the entertainment system.

Join me and we’ll do it together!


Route: Amman (AMM) to Amsterdam (AMS)
Length: 2,116 miles, 4:50 hrs
Flight: RJ151 Seat 4A
Aircraft: Airbus A320 registration JY-AYW (Oct 2012)
When: 6 July 2019

Camera: Panasonic HC-VX1

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46 thoughts on “The Full A320 Business Experience – Royal Jordanian Part 2”

  • Press Travelfirst says:

    RJ business class reviews:

    In French:

  • Very good review as always. You're the best. When was the last time Royal Jordanian did a Livery update? Great cabin and food!

  • Thanks for taking me with you on your trip..but that nice lady couldnt be your mom she's to young ..very nice meeting her !

  • I liked the view of Jerusalem , some day we'll be back 💖

    RJ usually runs the 787 to US destinations, and the 320s for short one, and I think they are doing a great deal to travel from Palestine to USA that's why they used the bigger 787 to take more connecting passengers from Palestine – Amman – USA.

    Next time in Amman Airport, try Petra Lounge (free if you have credit card) it's really one of the best lounges in the Middle East. and much way better than RJ Crown Lounge.

  • If you go to South America please try TAME Airlines, I won’t mention how good or bad it is. I just want to see what a flight reviewer would say. Also love the video ✈️✈️

  • Do you know Dutch? Because Dennis Bunnik is a Dutch name as far as I know. I’m Dutch. And did you ever visit an aircraft cockpit? I do it every flight if it’s possible. Do you play flight simulators? I do and I like it. Oh, and I like this channel and you’re doing a great job Dennis!

  • Fred van Maanen says:

    Hallo Dennis, ik volg jouw reizen zo nu en dan. Maar deze vid viel me vooral op vanwege de aanwezigheid van je moeder. Zij en ik hebben elkaar een paar keer ontmoet. In 1993 met Petra en Wim (mijn broer) en bij crematie van mijn broer in sept 2001 die toen bij een noodlottig luchtvaartongeval was omgekomen. Het kan zijn dat je toen hierbij aanwezig was, maar dat het aan mij is voorbijgegaan. Jouw moeder vond in steeds erg sympathiek maar vooral ook zeer empatisch rondom het overlijden van mijn broer.
    Wil je haar vooral de hartelijke groeten overbrengen? Misschien dat Ina en ik ooit nog weer eens afreizen naar Adelaide en we elkaar nog eens mogen ontmoeten.
    Beste groet van mij Fred uit Nederland en ga vooral door met het maken van al deze prachtige reizen

  • Eli Tutucan Phillopphen says:

    Awesome review as usual Dennis ! Keep up coming those amazing videos, they instantly change my mood ! Happy travels

  • Andrew Watson says:

    Great video, loved the "learning the history of British corner shops" joke .. that Paul Stewart joke book always good to take along on travels.

    Excellent review, those seats look great for narrow body and the meal was good too. Finally, your mum looks younger than you !!! Well, almost. She obviously brought you up well, though she should have marked your dad joke out of 10….

    Really nice video, touched all bases.

  • The airport looks quiet! Beautiful livery and then seats look comfortable. You look like your mother. Greetings from

  • She certainly doesn't look old enough to be your mother! Nice to see your family members in some of your videos. Thanks for the Royal Jordanian review…I've always been curious about it. 🙂

  • Hey there.
    I admire your video.
    When did you take flight?
    There is jet airways which is out operation completely since 17th April.
    And yes, you look like your mom, a lovely lady.

  • Hoorah finally get to comment on a Dennis vid! I normally watch these vids on a smart telly at home in uk and haven’t figured out how to do the like button thing and leave a comment. Don’t even know if you can. Funnily enough I’ve had to come to Oz to do it. My son lives in Bris and I’m using his iPad. Anyway love the vids Dennis, massive fan. I do the Heathrow-Bris run on SIA every year so am interested in how the other half do it. We actually tried Premium Economy this year and loved it. My wife thinks we should get married as when she hears that whistling intro she goes ‘Oh God it’s your boyfriend again’😊. Anyway keep up the great vids they are a benchmark. Incidentally I was in the FlightCentre booking place the other day and they never heard of you so I’m guessing you might have some new subscribers.

  • Hi Dennis I want to thank you for always reminding your viewers about the amazing views you get flying. I always personally fly with a window seat as there is not better view of this world than out of the window of an airliner. I find it so depressing on flights that so many people always have their window shades down.

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