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iPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR

The new iPhone 11 costs $100 more than the iPhone XR and, from the outside at least, it looks very similar. So do you need to spend more on this year’s iPhone 11? I compare these two phones and find out what the differences between them really are: everything from …
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my wife’s dark past.. how i saved her life

I’m so proud of Nats for opening up about this side of her life and sharing what she’s overcome. She never ceases to surprise me and inspire me. I hope whoever needs to hear this does. We love you guys, Gigi & Nats XO —————————————-­—————————————-­——- ‪Follow me on Twitter!‬ ‪ …
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Sony Xperia 1 | Three Days Review

After 3 days with Sony’s Xperia 1 flagship phone, here’s my early review of this feature-packed media monster. This super-premium mobile boasts Sony’s first … source: Xem thêm các bài viết về Du Lịch: