The Synology MR2200ac is a wireless mesh router that helps to extend the range of home Wi-Fi networks. It can be used standalone, with other MR22000ac devices, or with the AirPort Extreme alternative, the RT2600ac. Full hands-on:
MR2200ac on Amazon:
RT2600ac on Amazon:
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19 thoughts on “Synology’s MR2200ac mesh router enhances its AirPort Extreme alternative”

  • Sort of underwhelmed with my 2600/2200 set up. Specifically, my iOS devices do NOT latch onto the nearest router; preferring to stay with the one it's on even going reduced speeds. Toggling wifi off/on forces the device to connect tot eh nearest point.
    Perhaps I have a defective 2200 but running the Wifi Point Performance test gives varying results: the To primary speed hovering around 100 Mbit while the From Primary at 30 Mbit.
    Now checking Devices 13 out the 14 are connected to the 2600 which is in my room; 7 of the 14 are closer to the 2200 yet are connected to the 2600.

  • I've been to places that use these kinds of systems and WOW! I really appreciate these mesh systems. If I ever have a need for one in my home, I'll definitely pony up for one. (:

  • Jeff. Can this be set up as a wired mesh extension?. I have an office than I think (frommpast mesh attempts) will be too far (about 50ft AND on a different level with numerous potential interences in between) from my primary router, I can't help but feel that wirelessly meshing to this location is wishful thinking. I have the luxury of having wired gigabit cabling to the office, so if the MR2200Ac supports it that is the best solution,

  • Just noticed like everyone else apple has just released the new mac book pro for 2019 , would like your thoughts before i take the plunge and drop £4K on a max out 1TB version , is it worth it ?? I already own a 2015 mac book pro, and the new 2018 mac book air . what would your advise me ?

  • I have a question: I have a small area that I need to cover less than 500 sqft will the MR2200ac mesh router give me plenty of coverage and power w/out the RT2600ac or would it be better to get the 2600 and not the 2200 at all?

  • Jeff – Is there a reason you didn't hardwire the MR2200ac to your network, even though you're using it as a mesh access point other than to simply show functionality? Am I incorrect in thinking it would offer even faster wifi speeds to client devices if it's wired as opposed to wirelessly connecting to the RT2600ac? Thanks!

  • Yes. I’m with you in each point. Synology for me is like Apple in network products. The RT2600ac is the best router I’ve bought, yet. I like SRM and all the frequent updates. The performance is great. I don’t need the mesh part at the moment.

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