How Fast is the Synology Mesh Router System and How Well Does it Cover your Network?
WiFi is easily the most commonly used means of network and internet connectivity, even in business, due to its ease of deployment and connectivity. What it lacks in the overall speed compared with LAN, is more than made up by the lack of hassle, as well as that speed difference constantly getting smaller between wired and wireless connections. This is due to many factors, from more powerful portable technology and improvements in wireless security, but in even, the very best wireless routers and access points fall foul to the same two problems – walls and distance! Many ways have been attempted to avoid these issues, but easily the most affordable and proactive option for the best wireless network in 2019 goes to Mesh routers. On the face of it, these appear like rather slimmed down routers the like of which your internet service provider (ISP) include in your deal, but with fewer ports and sold in bulk – why would you pay for something your ISP would give you for free?
Well, mesh routers, such as the Synology MR2200ac system that we are reviewing today, are designed to be placed in multiple points of your home or office and along with each of them giving you access to your network and internet connection, they have an extra internal antenna node that is designed to communicate data with any other mesh routers in your environment. Unlike using a WiFi powerline adapter, a mesh router does not try to replicate your existing network or create a separate network access point but is designed to just make the existing network SSID and connection BIGGER. Your mobile phone, laptop, TV, PC, etc should not be able to tell the different and not get confused or keep attached to a wireless point that is far away, whilst ignoring identical point feet away! So, now you know the appeal of mesh routers, many of you that have been searching for an affordable mesh solution have considered buying the remarkably affordable Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi system. Available at £120 per Mesh router, greatly expandable by adding nodes as you need and available in bulk packs, it is noticeably better value that many mesh routers from Trendnet and Netgear. So, should you consider the Synology MR2200ac and RT2600AC Combined router to improve your network? Does it deserve your data? Let’s find out.
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