The Sony XG95 sits above the continuing XF90 in the higher Sony LCD TV range with the Master Series ZF9 being discontinued. The XG95 uses the same X1 Ultimate chipset that the Master Series sets use, but the 55 and 65-inch XG95 models don’t have the X-Wide Angle technology, that is reserved for 75-inch and above, which means the contrast performance is strong from viewing directly but suffers once you get off-axis to the XG95
It uses a 50-zone Full Array Local Dimming set up behind a VA LCD panel with Sony’s propriety local dimming algorithm. We run some side-by-side comparisons against a Samsung Q70R which has the same number of dimming zones and is similar in many ways and £100 cheaper in the UK. We also put the XG95 through our full testing regime over a number of weeks.
Please note that due to a lack of dynamic range within the camera, camera settings, TV settings and the fact you are not watching on a monitor that can show the true picture quality seen in person, no judgment should be made using the footage in the video.
The review sample was provided by Crampton and Moore and is a brand new sealed retail unit of the 55-inch XG95. You can support our reviews by following the contact details in the video or below.
Call Richard on 01302 365760 or email and mention AVForums.
We will always be transparent about who supplies a TV for review and the supplier (whether it is the manufacturer, distributor or retailer) never has any influence or input into our reviews. We will never accept payment to review a product as we insist on complete independence in our reviewing.
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We will NEVER mention a retailer in a video where they have not supplied the product for review, or otherwise, intentionally mislead the viewer in any way.
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38 thoughts on “Sony XG95 (X950G) Review and comparison with Samsung Q70R”

  • Michelle Alexandria says:

    Just bought this tv there’s no bloom on my set and as an OLED owner I’m very sensitive to it. maybe it’s the panel lottery or Sony fixed it with a firmware update

  • Daniel Bocanegra says:

    Please I need your opinion, which TV is better, the Sony X95G or the LG Oled C9?
    I would like larger size but also good image quality, I will use the t.v to watch Netflix and HD movies downloaded from the internet.
    Due to my budget, I don't know whether to buy the Sony X95G 65 "or the LG Oled C9 55".
    Please appreciate your help.

  • Hi Guys,

    I cannot decide between the Samsung Q70R 49 inch and the Sony kd-49xg9005 49inch

    I will be using the TV mostly for gaming and Movies what are you suggestions out of the two and why?


  • What about setting local dimming to "off"? I really would like to see how the TV looks with local dimming off. Because my 8 year old LG-3D-TV doesnt have local dimming, so I dont have any issues with blooming. Of course black isnt black but its ok for me cause its a close to black grey.

  • is it possible for you to review sony's 43x7007g model VS samsung's 43ru7100g, looking for a budget 4k tv that i will use more for gaming on ps4/ps4 pro.

  • This tv has the best HDR peak brightness for the price but of course for the price it comes with a problem and that is HDR blooming :/ You get what you paid for I guess.

  • @ 18:20 You can see that when the text fades out it improves on the XG95. Perhaps reducing brightness might address that as it appears a bit brighter than the C70R.

  • Funny thing for me is that the X950G looks much more refined it it's backlight than the X900F was.

    The X900F in HDR made things look neon with it's brightness (greens especially) and blooming seemed more apparent. The X950G is more natural looking and while it makes HDR pop it's not as in your face which I appreciate.

  • reviewfor thetube says:

    I completely agree this TV could of been one of the best eld TVs ever made and I probably would of picked it up over the q80r but man they could of the image was outstanding besides that faded look to it unlike any Sony even the x900f had kore of a richness to the image idk just seems flat and not as much depth that Sony is known for was pretty upsetting I just think that Sony kind of released all downgrades this year except for there 8k I guess form what people are saying but even there because of the filter native contrast is bad Samsung found a way around it pretty well still lower then it should be but not close to as bad as there viewing angle filters are

  • We will be buying a 75in in two months and are leaning towards a x900f since the X950g is much more expensive. How are the black levels and blooming between these two? We watch a lot of sports, Netflix and cable TV. Also how is the q70r with upscaling compared to the Sony X900f.

  • Would you say last year's XF90 in the 55" range is still better than this years XG95 in 55" when it comes to contrast and less blooming on the black bars?

  • ForViewingOnly says:

    Why are these more recent TVs not better than my 3 year old Panasonic DX902 with its 500+ backlight zones? My Panny DX902 was only slightly more expensive than this TV!

  • Blooming issue could be fixed when Bias Lighting used? If so there's no reason to pay premium price for Q90R, because that's the only flaw against Q90R. (And less contrast but Bias Lighting also increase contrast and we can certainly live with 4700:1 contrast ratio.)

  • Do you think blooming will be less distractive with larger TVS? I thought a 85'' inch TV will brighten up the room much more than 55'', so blooming will be less distracting since basically TV will be like an ambient light for the room even with darker scenes?

  • Sony have sort of downgraded their x9 lcd compared to last year and 2017, but unless you are an OLED fan, the PQ on these TV head on is truly amazing. Detail levels are second to none. even with the decrease in contrast, its the natural colour balance. Also Sony should have sent the 75inch. its gobsmacking in the flesh.
    Cost must be also counted. What you get in real estate picture on the 75 for what can now be £3,400 is some price.
    If you liked the likes of the 2013 W90 blend and nature of PQ, These are similar but in 4k in 2019.

  • My current Sony 8509C has a similar issue with light bleeding into the black bars. I've also found it very distracting, and have ended up turning the backlight down on my UHD bluray input for when I watch in a dark room. It's part of the reason I've been looking at the XG95 as an upgrade, so this video is a little disappointing in that regard. That said, the HDR upgrade I'd get would be worth it, and I also want to upgrade to the 75" model (from 55") if that stupid stand will fit on my TV stand. So thanks for the review. It's given me a lot to think about. I really want to like this TV, but the light bleed is an issue. Do you think it's something they can fix in software, or will it always be so? As for the crashing…. you should've seen what the 8509C was like at new. Crashed several times a day, often by just changing input. It really wasn't fit for purpose. But it received lots of updates, and went through several Android revisions, and it's really stable now, albeit still very laggy. But hey, I installed RetroArch on it from the play store this week, and I can play MarioKart64 on the TV itself! 😉 I imagine the XG95 can emulate far more modern machines. Keep up the good work!

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