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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active : खरीदें या नहीं ? | Review| Tech Tak

Galaxy Watch Active is designed for fashion-forward consumers, who are in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Galaxy Watch Active is as smart as it is beautiful. Packing premium features, Galaxy Watch Active comes with sporty new design that is thin, light and versatile that makes it easier to maintain a balanced lifestyle.
Everyday wellness is about more than just fitness tracking. Galaxy Watch Active takes a holistic approach to monitoring everything that matters most. Its exercise, sleep, stress and health tracking features make Galaxy Watch Active a personal lifestyle coach for those seeking a healthier body and mind. It combines the best of the Galaxy heritage with improved fitness and wellbeing features.
• Blood Pressure Monitoring: New to the Galaxy wearable line, Galaxy Watch Active puts smarter blood pressure tracking on your wrist. Download My BP Lab, the research app jointly developed with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), directly to Galaxy Watch Active to monitor blood pressure and keep better track of your physical health every day. The app is currently collecting and analyzing the data for more accurate tracking and once established, will give accurate results for BP monitoring
• Everyday Peace of Mind: Managing stress is now less stressful with Stress Tracker on the Galaxy Watch Active. Keep your stress levels in check and guide you towards long-term health. You can start breathing exercises to bring you back in balance directly from the stress widget.
• Easy Fitness Tracking: Choose your activity and get started. It’s as easy as that. Galaxy Watch Active keeps up with you by auto-detecting when you run, bike, row, use the elliptical trainer, or start a dynamic workout. You can manually engage in more than 39 activities, set daily goals and monitor your progress.
Galaxy Watch Active enriches your lifestyle and expands your connected experience through seamless integration across the Galaxy ecosystem. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems and offers real-time coaching, indoor/outdoor activity tracking and features popular third-party apps such as Under Armour, Spotify and Strava. You can use your voice to control Galaxy Watch Active with Bixby’s voice capabilities which enable you to make calls or send messages without ever picking up your phone.
Price and offers
Galaxy Watch Active will come in four unique finishes – Black, Silver, Rose Gold and Deep Green. It is priced at Rs. 19,990.
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