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The Samsung Book Cover Keyboard is the official keyboard cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. In this video I’m giving you my full review of this keyboard. I certainly like that we’re getting a kickstand and a touchpad. And the keyboard is pretty good too. However, I don’t like the suction cup technology used to attach the back cover to the Galaxy Tab S6. It’s a messy design.
What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 keyboard? Would you use it with Samsung DeX?
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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Keyboard Book Cover Review”

  • i didnt realize this until i have used the tab s4 and its keyboard, this tab s6 design is so much better.

    you can easily detach just the keyboard when you dont need it, kickstand stays on the tablet for use in tablet mode. and the pen holder at the back creates a natural writing angle when it laying on a flat surface.

  • I am using it now, but I find a major problem for the keyboard book cover. When I connect it with the samsung tab s6, close it and then put it in my bag, a little bit movement of the cover will trigger the screen to turn on, then since the screen keep on and off due to the movement of the bag, it will use up your battery easily. I find out this problem because the battery use up so fast even I just put it in my bag for one day without using it. There is no such setting that you can close the smart cover function and I can just disconnect the keyboard with the S6 when I put it in my bag, it is kind of stupid……

  • Use a lint roller on the sticky part, it should pull most of the dust and etc off and shouldn’t affect the stickiness of the cover itself.

  • Jessica Dustin says:

    Hi, I am wondering why you don't have an S pen, I know this new 2019 Tab A does not come with an S pen however it does have S pen support; just as it's predecessor from 2016.

  • My back cover is completely useless, it worked for an hour when I first put it on but now doesn't provide any stick at all and your $800 toy will just slap down onto your hard desk if you leave it stood up on your desk. It seems to be a terrible design. Plenty of people with same issue.

  • saradine nazaire says:

    When i right click on the samsung keyboard, it goes back and I want to know how i can change that. Because on a normal keyboard, right click means the option menu pops up.

  • I bought both Samsung covers with keyboard and without keyboard since I just want to use the keyboard when I need to but not for carrying it daily.
    Yes I agree the keyboard back cover is an absolute garbage. So my perfect solution for now is to leave the non keyboard cover permanently attached and just use that as a tilt stand when attaching the keyboard, this config fits my need perfectly. For those who are wondering, the Samsung cover (non keyboard version) has magnet at the back attaching to the tablet unlike the iPad which attach to the magnet at the bottom edge of the tablet the same as the Samsung keyboard portion. Pretty sure they'll be better alternatives coming soon.

  • Timothy Liveright says:

    Question: Can you rotate the keyboard back while not using it so it does not have to be removed? If so, does it remain in operation? If not, it becomes a cumbersome accessory.

  • Can you make a video demonstrating the experience one would expect when using OneNote on this tablet? It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Carmen Nooner says:

    I just wish they would sell the back portion without the keyboard. The keyboard would take me too long to adapt to because of its small size. I would be using this as a tablet with the pen, no keyboard. At least, not Samsung's keyboard. I would prefer using a larger Bluetooth keyboard for faster typing with fewer errors!

  • The keyboard and cover probably costs Samsung like $30 a piece to produce so they're definitely marking it up by a lot. Samsung probably has an inefficient and bloated R&D department and they are just trying to recover the money they spent designing and prototyping that while turning a profit. I mean this costs more than most high end gaming keyboards. I'll wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get a Tab S6 and keyboard because at $180 it's way too expensive.

  • That adhesive method to hold the back case of keyboard is the stupidest thing Samsung has done to this keyboard design. Good luck trying to remove it once u attach it to the tablet.

  • Shravan Kumar Muralidhar says:

    Should I get an ipad air or this one? I'm not going to use it for very heavy purposes but I want to keep whichever tab I buy for a few years. That's one reason I'm not considering something like the Tab 10.1

  • The Huawei Mediapad M5 10.8 LTE is still getting updates, has a cheaper and better made keyboard. Most of all, it's half the price of the Tab S6 LTE.

  • I have the s5e and I love the tablet but does that keyboard work on the s5e? I have the one made for the s5e but I wish it had a mouse pad and it seems like the connections are the same for both tablets.

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