Lisa Gade reviews the 2019 Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, which has a 6.8” OLED display- Samsung’s biggest flagship phone display yet. Despite the huge screen, the phone is about the same size as the Note 9. For those who want a more manageable sized Note, there’s the Note 10 with a 6.3” screen and a size similar to the Galaxy S10. The Note 10+ runs Android 9 with Samsung’s OneUI on the Snapdragon 855 (Samsung Exynos outside the US). It has 12GB RAM and your choice of 256 or 512GB storage plus a microSD card slot. The phone has the S10+ triple cameras on the rear plus a new depth sensor for video bokeh effects. It’s available on all major carriers and as an unlocked phone supporting both GSM and CDMA networks. There’s also a 5G version. And of course, the S Pen is included with all Note 10 models.
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36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review”

  • Gopro Hero Antics says:

    At $1000.00 plus for the note series I really expect the phone to last three or more years. But with the lack of updates and add the fact that every note I’ve had (Note 3 – Note eight) gets slower and slower over time. I will finally be saying goodbye to my beloved Note and switch to the Apple 🍎 11 Pro Max only because it will be updated and supported by Apple 🍎 with updates and it will not slow over time rendering it pretty much useless within 24 month’s. Come on Samsung over $1000.00 my phone should last and be updated

  • Anyone else notice that when you play a game for to long a blue pulsing light appears on the bottom of your phone's screen? I played pokemonGO for 2 hours straight and the blue pulsing light appeared on the bottom where the home button is. What does it mean? Then again my phone was heating up, could that blue pulse mean its activated the water vapor cooling system??

  • Hi Lisa, great review! I always look forward to watching your reviews. They are so honest, and not sugar coated. I’m thinking of changing from an Apple iPhone X to the note 10 plus, but I wanted to know if google assistant on this note 10 plus would work as well as Siri? I.e if the phone is locked, can you just use your voice to activate google assistant and do all the things Siri can do, like send a text message, play a song, read an email, etc? Thank you!

  • BebéTechManiac 2018 says:

    My carrier, no trade-in, Note 10 Plus, 12GB/256GB model, AKG wireless headphones in a very nice separate box included, $642 with taxes included, that's a nice offer.

  • killing fields 191145 says:

    Your reviews are good but you're also like most reviewers ride-away use one compared to other phones when in reality some of us just want to know that phone that you're talkin about no other phone we just want to know if that phone itself is worth getting

  • You left the plastic protection "shipping covers" on the top and bottom of the phone. Sorry. Pet peeve. Easy to spot when you see a circle around the microphones. Shame! Lol!

  • Mark Clayburne says:

    I have the Galaxy Note 10+ and it is a fantastic smartphone. I like being able to multitask and use the S-Pen when needed. The camera is fantastic on this phone. I do agree that the iPhone still wins in terms of video recording. Despite the Note 10+ having more video recording capabilities than the iPhone, I can’t declare it the winner until Samsung fixes the jittering issue while panning at 4K 60 FPS. However, I do prefer the Note 10+’s photos over the iPhone’s.

  • As a 3-time Galaxy Note buyer, I hate the curved screens and the excessive glass usage. For a Galaxy Note 8, there is no case solution to protect the screen edges. The screen on my Note 8 is broken, and was broken with a screen protector.

    I have so little faith in the durability of curved screens that while I could get the screen replaced for a nominal fee–for now, I am not having it replaced.

    In daily use, if it were new, I would rather have a Galaxy Note 4.

  • i was waiting for this, and completely missed it….those finicky youtube notification bells 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Tried the note 10+ for a while and send it back. It's a good phone, but I don't think it's worth it's price.
    I expected more. Think I wait 1 year for the note 11.

  • Nightmode is much more realistic on the Note 10 than Pixel and video is as good if not better than iPhone, especially stabilization. Look up comparisons and Dxomark.

  • What a stupid phone, you can't even hold it yourself, barely, its just about to slip out of your giant man-hands. Just because we can do edge to edge screen, it doesn't mean it shpild be done, but as usual, Samsung is at it again – drive the point home them all the way around the world again. Idiotic. It's all about that first impression flashiness as usual, but forget about the long term quality, durability, stability, endurance, performance.

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