This year, Samsung launched two models of its iconic Galaxy Note smartphone – Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ – with the latter being the bigger device. Is it really worth buying? Today, we’ll find out.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ brings a number of significant updates compared to its predecessor. For starters, Samsung has finally decided to ditch the headphone jack. But apart from that, the Galaxy Note 10+ packs all the top-of-the-line specifications you’d expect from a flagship device these days.
In this video, we’ll tell you all about our tests with the Galaxy Note 10+. From the display to the battery life and how the phone actually performs, we tried out everything. In this video, we’ll talk about all the things we liked about the Galaxy Note 10+ and the things we didn’t quite like.
In case you’re more interested in the cameras, make sure you check out our in-depth camera review of the Galaxy Note 10+ here:
Galaxy Note 10+ Prices in India and Full Specifications:
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