The new Galaxy Note 10+ is the device for the power user, but should you get one?
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34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review: A Premium Smartphone”

  • Rohan Leander says:

    This reviewer is mostly on apple device and can't spend time to get to know the Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus. Wow going to watch note 10 plus review by mkbhd.

  • Who cares about the headphone jack lol. This is the new era come on people. What ? You can't afford good wireless headphones 😂

    I traded the note 9 for the note 10+ it's a great phone. As long as you good lock and Google board your good. You can make it run alot faster if your play with the developer options. Lol

    Overall I didn't think I was going to like this phone but I love it. Best phone indeed. Battery lasts me 3days.

    Note 9 is still good phone too.

  • DONT BUY GALAXY NOTE 10 PLUS. I just received the phone after ordering it from Samsung directly. The screen recorder doesn't work, it doesn't add apps to record while using, and when I had one game added, while I am on the game it only allow screen shots not screen record. In addition, I use Samsung for a long time and always I can add languages to the on screen keyboard. that doesn't exist any more I Cant find my add language option while they only have a few language allowed and that is it. I called the technical support yesterday for the language and they said it is a software issue and they can fix it, they give me 2216747011

    reference number, I called to day to follow up and add the screen recording issue I gave them remote access to my phone and they still couldn't fix any of it. they gave me a new reference number 2216768370, which comparing the two numbers there were 20000+ cases in less than 24 hours, you go figure. so disappointed. I am not going to accept to be used for their trials using my money and time, neither should you. That was only what I figured out in two days, who knows what else is nonfunctional.

  • sherwin francis says:

    Face unlock you have to followed the directions correctly you have to put your glasses on and take it off because it ask if you wear glasses

  • just ditched my iphone XR for the note 10. Didnt get the plus version but still happy with it. I was scared the battery wasnt going to be that great, but it gets me through the night just fine. (I work 3rd.) I usually go home with 60% or so. Interested to see how it handles a double. With my XR, I could do a 16 hr shift and end with 25 to 30% battery which is crazy good. With youtube, games, text and netflix. I fear the Note wont stand up but fingers crossed. I love the camera on the Note 10 so far. I have not tried the video recording yet though. Anywho, I am glad to be back on Android and have the device I paid for, in my control. Themes, widgets and icons moving. Love it.

  • i've been debating about switching from my iPhone to Samsung's Note for the past 3 years because it seems like a much better phone… but the #1 thing that holds me back is the $thousands of investment i've made in iTunes purchase not only on the Apps but also the music, ebooks and videos.

  • Please do me a favor. Do a manicure before any phone review, or if you are lazy or broke get some cheap rubber gloves. Such a beautiful phone spoiled by such ugly fingers.

  • The Real McCoy says:

    Hold up she said the face recognition didn't recognize her with glasses yet on my note 10 plus it works perfect even with my hard hat and safety glasses on at work 🤔 and even at night. Without all the fancy sensors that apple's has I think it works really well actually

  • Guitarskooter says:

    Wow, an actual unbiased and informative review. I love it. In the world of garbage from Verge, Engadget, Buzzfeed, and all that crap, I am pleasantly surprised. Keep up the good work Fortune Magazine.

  • Whoa, forget the phone. I do believe Lisa is the most lovely lady I've seen in a while. That natural beauty is something to behold :O

  • Jay Jayasuriya says:

    Just in case you didn't realize, there is a screen protector applied to your phone that came in the box and I noticed it on the close-up shots. Not that it matters, maybe you kept it intentionally like myself for added protection. Although I feel like it is getting in the way of my finger print recognition. Have y'all experienced any issues with it on the device?.

  • What I'd like to know, is how can an iPhone user do an unbiased review of a Samsung phone… There's the iPhone on the desk, and an apple watch on the wrist. So immediately, I go "hmmmm".

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