Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: We Gotta Talk!

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: We Gotta Talk!

Galaxy Fold is an unfinished product, but I still have plenty of thoughts! To Be Continued…

Galaxy Folds Breaking Explained:

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48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: We Gotta Talk!”

  1. what do you mean if you stare at it…
    its in the middle in the phone

    when its dirty in my house, and i am playing on my pc everything is cool when im immersed..
    but that doesnt mean its not a mess 😀

  2. Old snapdragon 855 , 2 phones glued into one with 4200 battery divided between like 2 phones is really not value for the price i expect this will cost .

  3. Its just like the edge displays. Started off rough with note edge, now look at the s series. Just give it time. Within around 6-8 years wel start seeing some REALLY really cool stuff

  4. This vid had some crazy insight, and I agree and appreciate your thoughts on this… TabPhone? I'll just call it that lol. Thank you for this video, and I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for when this drops in stores.

  5. Think of those expensive campers that have a button u push and one side of the camper expands to give u more space ..

    Why don't they make a phone like that ? Slide out the side , then clicks up and slides back in to attach the the main screen …that could solve the issue ? And Could put a swivel on the hinge so I could flip backwards and be a second screen on the back if you wanted to or it could just slide out click up and attach to the main screen to make one big tablet

  6. Remember the sliding keyboard on the phones back in the day

    Why don't they make a sliding out screen that slide out and then attaxhes to the main screen to make one big one

  7. Idk, not sure this is a worthwhile direction. Love the innovation but I think it's more a result of wanting to make something different, as opposed to making something useful.

  8. I was gonna get a Note10+, but having a Note8 the past year, I'd only pay for bell's & whistles. Plus it's time for a change. It does have drawbacks like not water proof and not dust proof.
    I have driving jobs (forklift and shuttle),
    and they can get pretty dusty. Not to mention rainy weather. Ah well, with all that in mind, there's a $500.00 Kyocera work phone. Which would be ok, but I don't raise livestock and do remodel work no more. Soooooo the Fold looks cool.

  9. I really don’t think having a “folding” device is a relevant thing. Why not just make different size devices? But super thin instead? Lol. The folding phone/tablet is too thick and once in a fold position, looks awkward with that hinge gap. I can’t see Cpt Kirk from Star Trek with a folding note tablet.

    If people want small devices, they got smartphones. If they want larger devices, we have tablets of varying sizes all the way up to 12” lol. Make phones better and make tablets better. That’s it. Don’t make them fold. Come on now. No point. Just gimmicky if you ask me. And more problems.

  10. Lol for 3 years people has been jumping on Samsung about the Bixby button. Samsung when will you learn. its as if they add that button just to piss of reviewers, its hilarious.

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