My overall thoughts after extensive usage and real world testing of the all new #Samsung #Galaxy #Fold. To put it plain, The fold is like the Micheal Jackson of smartphones and everything else is Tito. Haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Buy it here from your local AT&T store at this link.
Peep out he camera review video here.
Buy it from your local best buy store at this link


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18 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Fold Pristine Review/This is the G.O.A.T”

  • I'm gonna be real, I was skeptical about it and when I went to AT&T & play with the fold for a few mins I was stunned. It's the real deal Macneal

  • DR.Steve Guest PhD Astrophysics says:

    Great review at least your not trying to break the phone, most YouTube reviewers try to damage the phone. I had the fold since the launch and it's still like new.

  • ash boxing prediction says:

    Hi there I have this phone the 5g model I also have the note 10 plus just wondered how do I do screenshots on it?

  • Matthew Frailey says:

    totally agree with your comments about all these tech reviewers and sites raving over Microsoft's Duo phone, which first off isn't coming out until Dec 2020 over a year from now, and secondly the Fold is out now! Also there will be a Fold 2 out mid next year 6 months before the Microsoft product anyway. Also everyone seems to be raving about Huawei Mate X, and while I agree that phone does look cool, I the plastic screen all on the outside, no way you can easily use that all day with out. Also if you look at an unboxing video of the Mate X, you will see they include a leather pouch to carry it with, similar to what you would have with a pair of nice eye glasses. Clearly it's meant to be carried in that pouch all the time to keep it protected, however you have to always pull the phone out of that pouch to take a phone call etc, and makes it so large.

    On the Galaxy fold, the size of the front screen, while I would like it to be a little wider, I wouldn't want it as wide as a Note phone, I actually like the slim profile, reminds me of an old Nokia phone, and I think it makes phone calls easier vs holding such wide phones up to your face like a plate these days. One think I don't like is the cameras on the inside that makes the big notch. I'm don't take selfies and so that's wasted on me and it seems to me like they worried that everyone needed the ability to take selfies from every angle, which is silly. They should have just had the camera on the front when it's closed for a selfie, and the rear camera and ditched the inside camera.

    Another comment: PRICE very high yes, but an Iphone 11 Max with 256 Ram costs around $1500 and contains no Airpods. The Fold at $1980, since it includes the Buds with it, you can basically subtract -$130 = $1850 cost. And again everyone bitching about the cost, Samsung didn't intend for the masses to buy it. Future folds will be cheaper for the masses.

    And your other comment about how Samsung greatly reduced the number of units to sell, I think they were way too conservative. Demand is high and in my area I cannot find the phone, there's no supply at Best Buy stores within 250 miles of me. Every time they come in, they get bought up immediately. This has created a secondary market where people buy all the supply up then put them up on Ebay for $2500 or more and they are actually able to get those prices! People are snapping them up to resell for a $500 – $700 profit (as much as a mid to good range phone) and that's annoying. Samsung needs to ramp up their production

  • LethalEmperor says:

    Dope review Prestine Tech. 👍 Please don't shoot nobody over the phone. I'm trippin off of watching your reactions through the reflection of the phone 👀

    Halloween ringtone @12:27…lemme copy that for the Holidays. Katt Williams reference @37:40 "This right here"…you forgot a word…lemme fill it in for ya. "THIS RIGHT HERE N****"" LOL 😁😁😁

  • i bought mine at Best Buy unlocked. Most exciting device since the original iPhone and Note. They havent optimized the cameras yet, but theres supposed to be a firmware update in a couple of weeks. In daily use you do notice the center crease, its just not a thing. Beast of a machine. Great series of reviews

  • Jeremy Joseph says:

    That line down the middle is a big turn off. I can see it a mile away. Big bump down the center deal breaker all I can see🤮💩

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