31 thoughts on “Saigon (HCMC) Vietnam – Bui Vien Walking Street &”Queen Bee””

  • Worst of worst!! They are like a dead body. And told me faster faster and she told me to get out of here. This is most terrible experience in my life. Please don't go

  • Went to a massage at 530 am after waking up today. I found a place on bui vien st after refusing one place because the girl believed i was a drunk early am bar patron. Girl at second spa was very inviting and slow. Once on the table the massage was initially good but she kept taunting me with occasional genital touching. Flipped over and she continued then began to offer a hand job. I showed her my two hands and refused. Girl began begging which made me tense , but she continued to oil up my member every other pass 5 seconds at a time.
    Over flipped over she begged me for a hand job which became torture. I touched her pants and said ok and she responded cannot sex because police. Laughing i said oh you police?

    Her nagging begging krap was all that kept my eyes open. Finally I agreed to let her give an offered BJ, but her lowest offer was for 2 million dong. I laughed so hard it was orgasmic. Please Please please she stated ; 7 dollar for massage you must tip me for salary. I was fully fed up but amused. I said yes you work here for mammasan but i customer with money pay you and maammasan but you work as you please .

    She began again please please please , oh how much you give? I offered $20 and she shut up then became a demon. You Tip you tip you tip, I answeded Tip if service good. Girl made me pay 10 up front and owed me 3 dollars change. I ended the massage since not a sadist then mammasan demanded i tip her 3 dollars. I told her I tip if i like service you greedy: Give change please. She looked at me as if i had pulled a gun on her.

    Reluctantly she gave me 3 fake US dollars and I offered the massage girl one dollar for her 35 minutes of an hour agreed on massage. Girl refused my dollar and i walked down the 2 flts of stairs alone to a locked chain gate……………….

    I heard a dog barking upstairs but after a long minute or two waiting a red eyed old man shuffled down the stairs unlocked the gate and pointed to the street.

    HCMC is no place to monger or get a restful peaceful massage. Price does not include REQUIRED TIP so massage prices are not as advertised.

    I felt as if in danger the moment i refused to pay for the 2 million dong bj and left to a locked gate downstairs.
    Vietnames women are dangerous in many ways.

  • I went there yesterday. It is a bit hard to find from taking the city bus to Nguyễn Văn Linh street and walking the 2 km to the H-House hotel/spa. I walked for 30 minutes but never saw Hung Gia street. Tired and sweat wet I diverged onto a road full of businesses. A sidewalk security guard pointed in the direction of the hotel for me. However 15 minutes later i saw nothing named Hung Gia. I saw the famous reliable vinasun taxi sitting outside a circle-k and asked him where it was and was told it on the other side of the city. I ignored him and went inside the circle-k got a cold slusshie and directions. Vinasun is not what you think it is. Believe That!

    Anyhow I walked and saw Hung Gia finally. This area is upper middle class hi-rise condos and gated security enforced communities. Sidewalks are even and quite a few western themed bars everywhere. I was stopped trying to enter a gated community looking for hung gia 5. Queen bee is actually on hung gia 2 – 5. As i finally approached queen bee finally the Vinasun taxi drove past staring at me as if i were bait on a hook. I was greeted at the door by a pale young girl who latched onto my arm. Immediately i was taken to a room which was anything close to relaxing stimulating or sensual. The room was plain white wash with 2 4 ft high tables for massage. There was no place to sit nor to place your clothing other than on the floor or a very small stool……… Stri!ke one!

    I was then quoted 1,400,000 for the service but she does the deed fully dressed and touching her not allowed?! Strike Two! Amused ,I asked about her remaining fully dressed and she quote me 1,600,0000o 1,800,000 dong for a private room in which she undresses partially, but still no touching her in and way. Strike Three! Condoms are required for all sex including the hand job as a beginning. I was nearly laughing looking at her very serious stance and stare while playing with her mind now.

    I went to look at the private room which was a little but only slightly better than the first but still just a big empty white washed room with just one 4 ft high massage table. I refused and tried to negotiate price which insulted her. She refused before i even finished speaking. Led downstairs to the boss I could not now control my laughter. This hotel and spa had zero customers at the spa and zero hotel guests other than the women who work the spa!

    I call Bullshit on this spa and hotel. It is a ripoff!

  • Don’t go very bad service ,no sex 40 minutes but 20 minute ,the girl say finish ,no naked ,can’t touched ,match 2019 visit Vietnam!千萬不要 去!

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