Ruroc Atlas vs Icon Airflite Comparison Review

Ruroc Atlas vs Icon Airflite Comparison Review

In this video, I review two of the most stylish helmets on the market. Which helmet do you like best? The Icon Airflite or the Ruroc Atlas?

I noticed I said the Ruroc visor locks which was not the right word. It’s more like 3 positions. It might have notches where they stay in place, but it does not lock.


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25 thoughts on “Ruroc Atlas vs Icon Airflite Comparison Review”

  1. My zillas! It's been a crazy few weeks. Thank you all for your patience and for reaching 500 SUBS! Can't wait for the 1000 Sub giveaway! Support the revolution! RAWR !! 🦖

  2. I ordered a large based on Ruroc’s sizing chart but it 100% was WAY too small; stripped out all the padding and the temporal pressure was still crazy. Needed an XL but of course the “Limited” style I ordered was sold out in that size so ended up having to get a refund, so lost out on shipping fees in the whole ordering process.

  3. Thanks for sharing. You are the only one reviewer who actually puts on their atlas helmet THE RIGHT WAY. from back to front. everyone is slapping their helmet straightdown ….

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