Nobita and Doremon Relationship| Nobita and Shazuka| Nobita Hindi

Doremon is a cartoon series. It is one of the favorite series of child’s. Sometimes elders also like these cartoons. It is 24 hours watching series in many languages like English, hindi, japani ,ect.
Here is a cat Machine Doremon comes from the next century to help a lazy child name nobita. Doremon give him different gadgets to fill ful his work and all wishes. There are other characters like jiyan, sunio and suzoka, they alway said that why doremon give these gadgets to nobita. But jiyan Catch each and every gadget from nobita due to hhis power, then nobita cry and ask Doremon for help.
Nobita loves suzuka and show these gadgets to her so that she can impress. But sometimes, nobita fail to impress her.

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