The Nigerian police has launched a mobile app, police VGS, which it says would help combat rising crime and insecurity in the country.

A team of South African doctors in Pretoria, led by Professor Mashudu Tshifularo, have successfully performed the first-ever transplant of a middle ear, which cured a deaf man.

A female preacher in Nigeria has stated that people who take Vitamin C and eat Titus (Mackerel fish) will not make heaven.



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45 thoughts on “Nigerian Police Unveils Crime-Fighting App; SA Doctors Cure Deafness; Vitamin C & Mackerel Fish”


    An app for real?….. Pesin dey follow dem talk one on one self dem no dey turn up…..una matter be like baby whey never crawl but wan start to dey run…….nigeria police not ready for this…..

  • Moradeyo Olorunnisola says:

    the app is available even if you don't live in Nigeria. the next question… hopefully the alerts actually go somewhere and there is a response. the five second response rate doesn't pass the smell test but let me not rain on the Police VGS parade… The jury is out

  • Nigeria is just a joke Country. How will app work when there is no google map to trace victims. Even no electricity.. I beg make Nigeria go sleep.. Our leaders should just bring electricity. Electricity is a security. Like here in India once their power break down night all their ladies will be running saying no security because all roads CCTV cameras will be down.. I beg make Nigeria wake up joo

  • Futurelife Resources says:

    Police VGS.
    The biggest scam I ever seen in Nigeria system. How on earth should a Nigerian government come so low, to protect his citizens they have to pay again? after paying for everything by themselves still have to pay for this service, for police to respond to the duty they are paid for?.
    N1000 monthly subscription
    N12000 for yearly subscription.

    It's an insult and shameful to the FG and police service commission

  • Trending on chi says:

    I downloaded the app,but you can't access it until you subscribe with 12 thousand for individual use. Let me work harder to make extra 12k then, hope the app will worth it

  • ROTFL. My country, my country. Wonders shall never end.. We dream big, let's start from bottom up., underlining infrastructures be put in place first. 5 seconds ko, 5 days ni..lolllzzz

  • MotherEarth Needs CLEANSING! says:

    It appears most Nigerians will fall victim to this UG crime fighting app, due to the level of poverty in the country!
    Always remember, poverty is the invention of crime!
    Churches should donate some of their mega “tithe” money to help sponsor such medical research…

  • I don’t believe in Nigeria police because they can be so not on duty, I was been harassed by someone at the airport on my way back from US just because he thought maybe I’m foolish and maybe it’s my first time here because I’m alone and a 19 year old kid i called out to this police man to come help me out but he walked up to me a said to my face “I’m not on duty” but was putting on police uniform 🙄🙄

  • How on earth will I pay nija police 12k before I will be able to download and use the app and that price is for an individual no for family please how much is their minimum wage

  • John Jenny uju says:

    About the app it nice if only it will work as they have said. But I think that first thing that Nigeria 🇳🇬 need is Electricity. Please friends give me a 👍if you are with me

  • Arnold Chester says:

    We don't care if America publishes the new invention by the South African Surgeon, the truth remains: Africans need to start publishing or telling their story..

  • Adeola, well done. Your productions are so simple yet I’m sure lot of hard work goes into them. Followed you for a while now, you pick some topics and do in-depth research on them which is ever educating.
    Perhaps today was an exception with Ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a synthetic product with similar molecules to the naturally occurring Vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in natural food not Ascorbic acid.

    History has it that seamen were dying from a disease called scurvy (Vit C deficiency) in the early centuries and a substance similar to vit C was invented/supplied/etc to cure it hence the name ascorbic acid (a-scurvy). What’s the source of ascorbic acid?? Nobody knows. Try and research it, I mean beyond google 1st or 2nd page. People have written all sorts on the internet but the truth is nobody knows where it came from originally.

    Secondly, the woman in the video, her name is Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo. Go check out her credentials as you mentioned that you did not know her name.

    The whole world can laugh at someone, I’ll admit laughter is so amusing and one of the BEST things a person can dedicate a few seconds/minutes to daily. Hmmm… the world laughed at Noah because Noah did not make any sense AT ALL and nobody understood him and they all PERISHED!

    Let’s investigate things deeply and understand them before bringing them to ridicule if that’s what is truly befitting of the matter.

  • Koledowo & Adeola is one and the same person. Koledowo is an imaginary character to create the presence of another person in the studio. This is my opinion however if I’m wrong please show us Koledowo’s face in the next episode. It’ll be fun to see him :)).

  • Sesan Falayi says:

    Scenerio 1: Thief collect your money, you carry yourself go police station. Oga police say bring fuel money for stationwagon, you vex comot for station. Scenerio 2: Thief collect your money, you swipe right/left on police vgs app, you think hmmmm… what was I thinking?

  • uchenna eric says:

    the app doesnt have an account registration page, just log in and ofcourse you cant log in when you dont have an account

  • Babarisky Yeah says:

    Nonsense, don't be deceived my friend. One man called inspector general of police in Abuja can never ever do the magic, unless the Local police is created, then you would have solved the problem permanently.

  • Jp Victoroby says:

    Well is not only about calling the police. Even if you call them will they come??? Even if they respond to your call before they finish asking you the type of guns the Robbers are shooting your card or subscription will finish..Everything about Nigeria is scarm

  • inspirewisdom says:

    Oni yeye ni e! Adeola you making fun of that prophetess. Koledowo(Build House,Make Money) must be rolling on the floor laughing.

  • Olatunbosun Obileye says:

    I searched for the app (Police-vgs) on Android Play Store and iOS App store but it does not exist.
    Are you sure this is real?

  • REPENT: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! Keep the seventh day Sabbath, eat clean beasts and observe the feasts of the LORD. Copy and paste so that others can know the truth

  • blessing samuel says:

    Hmmmmmmm police vgs app is not existing on Google play store I think there are drunk to paste what is not working useless Nigeria police.

  • are asking for too much to ask for friendship from po po. Most of them are not mentally healthy and possibly hate their own people..But them again, I probably can find some similarities between them and Amer po pos but not as bad in Amer. But the system here in America is ran to eradicate a people… There is evidence.. .

  • victor bwana says:

    We have made it,haven't we? I hope the VGS eradicates boko haram, stop the police themselves from collecting bribe,educate the illiterates being recruited into the police and also repair the mentality of the Nigerian police…As for me,whatever it is the VGS is,it cannot function in this corrupt country,I'm very sure of that…it pains my heart tho

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