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Nerf Icon Series | Magstrike 2019 Review + Comparison To Original is the focus of today’s Nerf Review here on the Cj Nerf channel. I am super stoked about this Nerf Icon Series Magstrike , this is truly a blast to fire and play around with in indoor situations it can be deadly. This Airpowered nerf blaster is simple to use although my little guy cannot pump it the required times it is tougher for little ones, but hand it to your little one primed and watch them unleash a 10 round dart storm in seconds. Out of all the Nerf Icon blasters released so far the Nerf Magstrike was the one i wanted the most. It is a little disappointing the new magstrike clip wont fit in the older magstrikes, but at least your older clips will fit and work in the new icon magstrike. Dart compatibility is great so fire away. I was a little shocked to see my old version magstrike outperform the new version but the bottom line is this is an amazing blaster and i am so happy to see it back just not very pleased with the 39.99 price tag since it dropped for 19.99 in 2007.
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Nerf Icon Series Magstrike – Available at Target Currently

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22 thoughts on “Nerf Icon Series | Magstrike 2019 Review + Comparison To Original”

  • HUGE Shoutout to the following 5 people from my Nerf Fortnite HC-E Blaster Review Video – Nintendoez , Nick Leonard , Brayden Cubes , Squirlly, hmai1982 thanks for everything guys and gals . I love the magstrike shame i have had a slight string of issues but nothing return policy cannot fix ! have a great day everyone !!!!!

  • Dylan Dacanay says:

    I'm wondering if it is a bad model. But please try to pump it 30 times or more. For anyone else I dont recommend it for a nerf war lol.

  • When the prices drop on these, i want to get a couple and see of I can replace the air tank and pump with a 20-ounce paintball carbon dioxide tank and pressure regulator.

  • This video saved me money. I keep hearing about people getting the new Icon version and having misfires. The reduced range vs the old version isn't great. Edit: I also think that for the $40 price tag and sub-par performance, Nerf should have added extras. Another clip? More darts?

  • Braincube 013 says:

    You definitely don’t act your age lol, you act WAY better, I’m 17 and people say I act to old lol, but seeing older people living their lives having fun and being themselves truly brings a smile to my face😁 if you have kids I’m sure they love having you as a father, keep it up!

  • Ja'kye Tigner says:

    Hey Cj nerf may I please get some nerf darts all my bullets were damaged by my little cousins may I please get some darts just like 10 to 25 please that would be a blessing. Have a blessful day. I'll give you time to think about it.

  • Random name !!! says:

    Hey I see you have a roster in your garden around fifty feet you might wanna block It of because you might loose darts

  • Thats the point in a review. To find the good as well as and the bad things in a blaster or a product in general. That's why i believe that this review and the Dart Rover one, are solid.
    I liked that you used both old and new clips in the range test. That shows that the problem was in the blaster itself ang not in the clip design.

  • Nice review cj! I like air blasters but I wish they would innovate the process instead of imitate the older ones. Sorry about the bad luck cj. Getting bad products that are overpriced is so annoying. I could understand it more from dartzone because they have to cut some corners to keep prices so low but a 40 dollar magstrike! C’MON MAN!!

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