MSI has just released the new Titan, king of laptops and serious contender with even most high end gaming desktops.
Product Page:
This is truly a desktop replacement as we are looking at a laptop that is equipped with desktop parts and specs.
At a glance you have a Intel Core i9 9900K CPU with overclocking built into the laptop to further enhance the cpu processing power.
Then next is the Nvidia RTX 2080
To round it all out you have 64GB of RAM, which is insane, with the capability to add 64GB more. A 144Hz 3ms screen to make even the most demanding gamers happy, mechanical storage for mass storage needs a several fast SSD’s to handle all your I want this now application and software needs.
The GT76 Titan is not the laptop to carry around campus all day to chat on facebook, it’s a portable desktop for demanding gamers and production professionals. This laptop would be great for anybody that needs to do AutoCAD or Video Editing and often find themselves away from home.
Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need service.
Phone: 1.800.990.7945


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22 thoughts on “MSI GT76 Titan Desktop i9 9900K Laptop Review & Benchmarks”

  • I watched just to see if it REALLY had a desktop 9900k… and it does. This is the ultimate portable gaming device. Shame they didn't throw in the 2080ti, its not even that much more than the 2080.

  • Long Beach Coin Laundry says:

    I have the gt75 Titan it is huge it's a beast but it needs to be for cooling purposes. Although this laptop has a thinner form factor it cannot run at Peak Performance he needs to have better cooling it's too thin and it will run very very hot. Your performance will be capped by the fact that it cannot dissipate Heat any faster than the gt75.

  • This laptop looks incredible, however I've heard that the machine uses Optimus.
    If I updated the CPU on this machine sometime in the future, would it have to include an iGPU, or are the Nvidia graphics also connected to the monitor, rather than being fed into the iGPU's buffer?

  • WutWut InTheBut says:

    Hooooooly shiiiiit that thing is uglyyyyyyyy. Thickness is fine, but why the hell the early 2000s "silver plastic" look!? They need to learn from the Lenovo Y740: Brushed dark metal, beautiful as hell.

  • Nobody:

    MSI: Hey! You know our older models with the MXM but BGA cpu's? Lets turn the roles, introducing A DESKTOP CPU SOCKET but soldered GPU.

  • Alexander Sannikov says:

    I have owned an MSI laptop (GE 72) for 2 years. The main problem that I encountered came where I least expected it: after a year or so, plastic in areas that were running hot, became very brittle. Plastic mesh over cooling fan just fell apart. Then later destruction started spreading to screen hinges. And eventually laptop died because its power socket started running hot and the whole area around it just fell apart. I was very disappointed with MSI at that point and not planning to get another one of their products.

  • This just looks like a worse version of the GT75, cool it has a desktop cpu but now you have to carry around 2 power supplies and given intels history it's unlikely you'll get to put intels next CPU in the GT76. No mechanical keyboard, less usb/audio ports, only microsd. Going back to side connectors for things like power & display cables seems like a massive step backwards. If they're gonna make stupidly large laptops I wish they wouldn't compromise and just give us a modern GT85 with a 1440p 144hz screen, mx brown keyboard (none of that red trash from the GT83) desktop cpu & desktop 2080 or something crazy like a custom form factor 2080 ti. You'd have more room for cooling and ports, it would still be just as annoying to carry as the GT76 just not as pointless.

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