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In This video you will see LM2596 Module labelled as 3A is tested with
different voltage input and output.
-Voltage adjustment test at 01:42
-Data sheet at 05:33
-Tested with 12V input 9V output with at 3A see it at 08:00
– Tested with 12V input 9V output with at 2A see it at 09:00
-Tested with 12V input 5V output with at 3A see it at 10:15
– Tested with 12V input 5V output with at 2.5A see it at 11:10
-Tested with 12V input 3.3V output with at 3A see it at 12:26
– Tested with 12V input 3.3V output with at 2A see it at 13:30
View the datasheet for LM2596 Regualtor:


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22 thoughts on “LM2596 2v-37V 3A Voltage Step Down converter Module Tested/Reviewed”

  • Sorry, but I think this a STUPID REVIEW !
    This is a voltage Regulator – emphasis on VOLTAGE, and it can handle a maximum of 3 Amp. Thats the "peak Amp" for a short time, as per manufacturer, so why do you want to challenge that? 3 Amps peak, and 2 Amps max for long duration … that is clear.
    However, it would have been more interesting to see so how stable the output-voltage remains if the input-voltage changes = REGULATE VOLTAGE (not Amps).
    For example if I use it in my car, the normal car-battery voltage is 12.3V and if it stands for a long time it might go down to 11.8V and if I start the motor it might even dip more, but if the alternator is charging it can go upto 14.4V >>> can this LM2596-thingy give me a constant 5.00 Volts ???

  • CallMart Online Shopping فروشگاه آنلاین کال مارت says:

    Let's say we use it for 24 volt battery and we need 13 volt on out put is it gonna drop the the voltage as the battery is dropping voltage or it stays at 13 volt while battery voltage is coming to 13 volt ?

  • This says 0-5amps and up to 75 watts https://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-Converter-1-25-36v-Efficiency-Regulator/dp/B079N9BFZC/
    Is this true or are they lying? Would it do 19v -> 12v with 3.5A output if you used a heatsink?

  • This is my goto material on the use of this module, your thorough testing in different ranges makes this video reference gold. I've come back to watch it again each time I use one of these just to be sure of it's performance in my targetted load case, brilliant sir.

  • Patrick Verstappen says:

    good explained ,thank You
    Still a question ,can you put on the out a battery it would be fantastic speciale when it comes from sunpower,thank You

  • thankyou so much. I was totally in the dark about what this thing was and why i needed it for my micro motor for my Zguage railway system. you explanation is all i needed. its all working fine now Thanks a lot

  • undercrackers56 says:

    I am not sure that these tests are really usable. The LM2596 datasheet states that a heatsink is necessary for 3A. Perheps it would have been a better quality test to try this device with 1A, 1.5A and 2A loads with a scope to show the resulting ripple?

  • this lm2596 is fake. comparing real lm2596 sourced directly from TI, I have determined that >99.9% of the "lm2596" converters on amazon and ebay are fakes.

    one of these days i'm going to decap a fake and see how they are constructed.

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