Welcome to episode 35 and part 35 of this Le Tour De France 2019 Pro Leader PS4 game English gameplay series. TDF 2019 PS4 game.

In this series, I’m going to be doing a walkthrough/playthrough of the pro leader mode in the Tour De France 2019 game.

It’s a bit like Pro cycling manager, but in this game, you are controlling the ridersIt’s a bit like Pro cycling manager, but in this game, you are controlling the riders. In this series I will not play the full stage of any stages. I will fast forward some parts of the stages(especially the flat stages) but I will play all the different sprints, from mountain sprints, to the intermediate sprint.

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Console: PS4
Capture Card: Elgato HD
Mic: Rode nt-usb
Camera: Panasonic HC-W580 twin
Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13 And Adobe After affect cs6
Thumbnail Creator: Photoshop
Royalty Free Music:

source: https://sebastienizambard.net/

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10 thoughts on “Le Tour De France 2019 PS4 | PRO LEADER #35 – TDF BEGINS!!! (TDF English Gameplay EP 35)”

  • Nice video but I think u shouldn’t go for the yellow jersey because u might get close but in the mountains u won’t quite be good enough and it will ruin ur tour if u go for it so I would u say u try and get the polka dot jersey and maybe the green if possible and maybe just maybe the white

  • going for yellow is defo the way to go.. first of all it will be a close exciting fight for the overall standings i think and second of all we wouldnt have such a fight again after TDF because you will be an ABSOLUTE GOD of a driver next season and you will pretty much win TDF 9456432465 years ahead of the main contender

  • SRA SmokingPuppy841 says:

    You only have 7 riders…do you know if this is a new 'feature' where the amount of riders for the race changes, or is it just something included for no good reason?

    If in Season One teams have 8 and it randomly changes at some point then I think it is worth it, but otherwise I don't think it should be included.

  • SRA SmokingPuppy841 says:

    Personally, I'd rather see you go for GC then anything else. I think it would make a very enjoyable 'section' to the series with you competing to try and get on the podium. It would also make a nice change as in most other series you haven't been an 'outsider', and this is your only chance in Pro Leader to have a go at TdF like this.

    Of course, you also have the option to revert to KOMs and stage wins in the Alps if you lose a few minutes. I'd personally work on the logic of if you are outside of the top 10 on the actual GC it is worth changing focus. By the 'actual' GC I mean removing riders who won't be in contention by the end but are high up because of breakaways are a good one-off stage.

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