3 thoughts on “Iodine/Exactly how I take supplements like, vitamin c, selenium, magnesium, and salt:-)”

  • Hello new sub here and I'm new to the Iodine protocol. What's your opinion on the doctor that used to take a 'cocktail" of his Iodine drops with a teaspoon of Applecider Vinegar in water? I know he used it primarily on his livestock then started taking it himself and using it to treat sick children. Thank you for any info and for your channel!!

  • Great video! I have been doing lugols low and slow for bout a month only results I got was a lot of water retention 😫so i have been on the Facebook iodine groups and they see better results w 50 mg to start with.What was your starting dose ? and your other video you used 30 drops did u have a detox symptoms?? 🙂 (taking iodine cause i am deficient)

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