Part 1 of discussing the ICON toolbox and tools from Harbor Freight. In this video we discuss them importance of Name Recognition and Brand Loyalty.

Set of Gearwrench Ratchets that is of professional quality at a good price

A great substitute tool brand for tool truck brands at great prices

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22 thoughts on “ICON Toolbox and Tool Review From Harbor Freight Part1 Name Recognition and Brand Loyalty”

  • You can hear in the bears video when he closes the drawers it sounds cheap and flimsy. No way are they going to be nearly as rugged as Snap-on/MAC/Matco boxes but it does show that the tool truck boxes should/could be more reasonably priced.

  • Why wouldn't they warranty your press? I work at a HF part time and unless it's just out of date, we dont have an issue with replacements.

  • codemiesterbeats says:

    11:08 lol well years ago I had a cheapo craftsman skinny tool box and thought it was pretty skimpy until this other dude got hired and his tools were in (no joke) rubbermaid bins.

    I had a chuckle about it but at the end of the day it is a BOX… that holds your tools. If it can do that reliably that is all it has to do. If I ever run into some money I would really like to start a tool box company because I have some good ideas and feel like they could be made really nice for a reasonable price.

  • ive got the big snap on box, triple bank with hutch and lockers, 22500 just in that box alone, and another 4 grand in tool carts at work, all full of tools, if icon would have been around with there tool boxes back then, I would have really considered it over my snap on box, sad thing is, no harbor freight in Alaska, and I don't think they will ship for free up here

  • Icon is a joke, 50 bucks for a breaker bar at harbor freight? Yea never. Just because they will drop off a box you buy don't mean they are a tool truck. (to that harbor freight sick rider idiot that left that comment)

  • The new Icon box looks nice in the video.
    The mistake they made they could have made one more bigger draw by eliminating a couple small draws.
    It’s the same problem with the 26 in tool boxes

  • Now thats what I would of said… So true an you nailed it…. Agreed !
    Sadly.. Im sure these ICONs are gonna double the cost of HF boxs vs ICON boxs, just look at their tools vs HF tools, hell Craftsman has stepped up to the plate kinda, at least in department of keeping up with style or whats popular.. Ive had tool boxs for over 30yrs.. My oldest being a old Crapsman (Craftsman)you cant even find one any more from 30yrs ago…lol, your lucky to get 75lbs to a drawer, you definitely dont pull out more than one drawer… as the box tends to move/lean as more (drawers) are opened.. Boxs have evolved in the the last 10yrs… USB plugs are huge in the market more so than ever…3prong plugs and LED lighting., Ive invested in Kennedy and Cornwell, gone through schooling an such, paying back loans as Ive over grown those tool boxs, theirs a ton of makers an some have warrantys and they have gotten used quickly as time of use, hopefully these are of high quality steel an a good paint/powder coat and high grade plastics as some to date are still using cr*ppy metals an plastics from other country'

  • If they get Icon deals hooked up with automotive schools and give discounts, the name will spread fast, especially if the customer service is good and delivery/warranty is as quick and easy as it is now. And HF has serious selling power AND they're privately owned, so they don't have to see the return on investment immediately. Watch for them to be smart and play the long game. They know it's going to take time to be taken seriously by pros on that level.

  • Harbor Freight is no more of a threat to the tool trucks than Craftsman or Home Depot has ever been in the tool box department. People will always buy what they want. The majority don't buy Snap On boxes anyway. As said many times, its all about the tools. That is where the trucks shine the most. Taking the hassle out of getting them. I've been buying tools for 3 decades. I have an 18 year old Mac Tech 1000 box with a Harbor Freight gen 1 side locker. A 3 drawer Mac cart and a Yukon storage cabinet. My tools come from tool trucks, big box stores and online from many brands. I make a conscious decision about the quality of the tool for the job it's going to do. If it's going to be used hard it's coming from a tool truck if i don't have to use it often or is a back up tool, I'll get it elsewhere. In the end it is less about money spent and more about the convenience of the individual. For instance, Harbor Freight did not exist in my area until a few years ago. And Sears was a hassle for me.
    I much prefer AMAZON over
    E BAY.
    The truth is, even with all the buying options available, none of them stop me from walking on to the tool trucks and never will.

  • Icon.. 55" cabinet, hutch, locker, end drawers 7k… ?… Snap on is not 20x more money maybe twice the price of icon, and SO holds its value well, nothing wrong if you like supporting China buying HF tools and boxes but a lot of guys take pride in buying American made boxes and tools, supporting American companies and Americans having high paying jobs …… Sounds like your trying to get more Free tools ( like the bear) from HF…. Some people like having a nice house, fast cars, big trucks, the best tools and boxes, etc. Nothing wrong with working hard and enjoying having the best of whatever you want.

  • I went from a us general cart to a classic series snap on. Now with the time I have as a diesel tech. I'm going to a epic. Took years to run myself out of room.

  • I watched a video the other day about the icon box and there were some trolls spouting all that taking American jobs… I know people who have 6 figures in tools. If we're talking about a little bit more I always try to support local businesses and manufacturers but I could put my kids through school or pay off my house with that kind of money. I think a lot of people want that truck box to show they made it or whatever. I did that myself

  • Yota Doug's Tool Collecting Channel says:

    They want the at home guy to have pro level tools that they can get at their local tool shop, they see what all the tool truck brands carry and sell and so harbor freight want's to blow up the pro level hand tools into the everyday mans hands so they don't need to have a pro do a job they can do themselves.

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