How to configure Gateway GSM Dinstar (Hướng dẫn cấu hình boxsim dinstar)
Step1: Configuring of GSM gateway
Power on the GSM Gateway and connect the gateway to the Network.
By default the Dinstar Gateway Assigned with IP:
make sure this default ip should not have conflict with your existing network.
assign to your pc and connect this gateway to your lan via a LAN cable.
Now open a browser and type
the default username and password is admin/admin.
Once Logged in Click the Quick Config option from the Left pane, in the quick config we will be assigning a new ip and SIP server ip details
In the quick-config, network settings page change the default ip to a static from your network for this guide i am assigning
Now open browse and type
Step 2: Configuring SIP settings in GSM Gateway
Click – IP Trunk Configuration IP Trunk
enter the below settings follow this video.
– Đăng kí theo dõi kênh để xem những tin tức mới nhất:
– Download 1 đoạn nhạc hoặc video bất kỳ trên youtube
– Cá Lóc Nương Rơm với Rau Hẹ Sông
– Login Agent on IP phone Avaya


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