So, this green tangerine vitamin c dark spot serum is to brighten up skin tone by erasing blemishe, fleckles and maybe hyperpigmentation and breakout too. I love this goodal serum and it is one of the best serums for clear skin to me. but citrus extract can be irritating, so i hope u keep that in your mind. I think this video is helpful to someone who needs more information of brighten serum. So i hope you enojoyed this video and press like button and subscribe me hopefully. And leave comments if you want me to review any other korean skincare products 🙂

0:44 why it is called 2 weeks serum
1:28 what serum is
1:58 about texture
2:42 vitamin C inside facial products(Blemishes and Fleckles)
3:29 something i need to warn you about(Ingredients)
4:25 will i get this again?

– you can get this serum on here-
style korean :
amazon :

My instagram (daily life) :

– My skin type : Oily, dry but sensitive skin / 20s men
– I used iphone X front camera to shoot video.
– The shirt is from h&m and you can check more here :
– i bought this goodal serum from olive young and the price was 24000won.
– Korean Sheet mask review :
– Which SUNSCREEN to Use :
– Acropass Trouble Cure(Patch) review :


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