Good Trouble 1×13 – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap/Reaction – The season 1 finale of #GoodTrouble has arrived and we see some characters making decisions but were they the right decisions?

This Is Us Season 3 Finale recap:
To All the Boys Casting:

#TheFosters #WhatHappened

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30 thoughts on “GOOD TROUBLE Season 1 Finale Explained – “Vitamin C” 1×13 Recap”

  • I'm wondering who else from the fosters will be in season 2. Will we see Robert and Sophia both of them or maybe just one of them?

  • Sarah Clydesdale says:

    I wonder if the Judge's son got Callie the documents. We know he has easy access to his dad's office, he seems more liberal in his opinions and he loves making things difficult for his dad. I think it would be an interesting twist

  • Tatyana Anglin says:

    one storyline i hope they expand on is Jeff's wife, i want there to be a plot twist who she is, it would be cool if she is a lawyer working on a case with callie or she shows up at the apartment, i find that story line could be so juicy and amazing, i also loved the moment Mariana finally had a breakthrough with how much women are getting paid at Speculate, i hope she finds a great position at Speculate and she doesn't leave, i also believe Judge Wilson could of been the one to drop off the file or Jamie, i'm not too sure, i'm curious how that whole situation is going to work out, i love that dennis is alive and he went to get help and be able to deal with the loss of his son, i just hope everything works out with Melika and the Jamal case, i can't wait for season 2, i just hope to see where everyone's future lies also alice, joey seems like a great person and i don't want her to lose that relationship

  • I think they did a great job on the finale. I hope Callie didn’t leak the file because it could hurt her career and i would like to think Callie knows that and has grown up a little. I feel like with Jamie in the court room when it comes out that it could hurt them as a couple.

  • Am i the only one that feels like its always about "Who will Callie date next"? I feel like big part of the story here and even in the fosters in on Callie liking 2 guys and trying to pick. The worst part is it is just recycled from the Fosters story line. Its always about Callie. I miss seeing Bryan and Gael together but of course he has to break up with Bryan because Callie needs to have a second guy to like. Am i the only once seeing this trend?

  • Am i the only one that has trouble following the court storyline? From what i can understand Jamal got killed by a cop and they sealed the record reveling that the retired cop killed him. So the Judge said he will seal the case file if that same cop gave Tate an easier sentence. Is that right?

  • I want a little more suspense. I mean, Good Trouble's not The Fosters obviously but if you remember, every finale ended with a bang, so I wish Season 2 will end like this too
    I want to see Emma (I'll ship Jemma forever^^) and one of Callie's old friends, Daphne or/and Ximena. Also, I know it won't happen but Monte and Kyle were cool !
    It would be nice to get a bigger picture at what the siblings and moms are up to, so Eliza, Wyatt and maybe Taylor could show up in one episode ?

  • Kaylee Gurule says:

    I'd love to see Jude more and AJ was always a favorite character of mine. I'd love to see where he is now in his life.

  • cassandra grant says:

    I am overjoyed that there will be a season 2. Callie needs to make those papers public and she has to pick Jamie! As for Mariana the only way for change to happen is if she releases the pay of the men so everyone can see the huge difference between them. I was so happy and relieved for Alice she has been needing to come out in order to live freely. Now she can move and date that great girl. I'm so relieved Dennis is alive and is seeking help. I love his friendship with Dalia.

  • My favorite storyline is Mariana and Evan. I really hope he gets cleared in Mariana's eyes from all the suspicions and rumors.

  • Nope definitely not the only one that thought the dance sequence was great as far as dancing wise but it was very weird and not really something I liked for what was going on.

  • What if Tate was the one that sent those documents to Callie, idk, just a theory, also I did find the dance scene to very awkward.

  • multiverse mcu says:

    I mean I don't like how Jeff acts BUT it's Chris Sheffield and he's my baby uwu. I mean I watched him since The Maze Runner and he is an absolute joy to watch on screen. I love him to pieces and i hope he stays on the show.

  • Callie looked great in the red dress in Nick Jonas voice “red dress” lol 🔥if you know what Jonas Brothers song that’s from. Why is the company called spectaculate that’s sounds shady am I the only one who realized that?

  • Love the tango scene so happy that Dennis is ok and I love davia and Dennis friendship why can’t Callie choose who she wants to be with and I’m happy that Alice is over sumi and that her parents are ok with her being a lesbian love that support love that Mariana and raj kissed #Maraj I hope Mariana stays at the speculate. I’m glad that davia student was telling the truth but also sad about the whole situation and ugh sumi canceling a wedding over text harsh. I hope Davi leaves Jeff. I’m happy Malika realize what her mom went through and I feel so bad for her brother because he was the one who mostly took care of her and I’m happy Malika is talking things out with Isaac. Ok I’ll stop talking now lol soory its long and I can’t believe I’m first to comment and that I’m early lol

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