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Good Trouble 1×13 Sneak Peek "Vitamin C" (HD) Season Finale The Fosters spinoff

Good Trouble 1×13 “Vitamin C” Season 1 Episode 13 Sneak Peek (Season Finale) – Jamal’s trial begins, along with the Black Lives Matter protest Malika has organized, leaving Callie in a difficult position knowing she has information that could help Jamal’s lawyers. Mariana gets some new information about the salaries at Spekulate from an unlikely ally, forcing her to make a decision about whether or not to release the spreadsheet outlining the pay gap. Meanwhile, Sumi’s wedding day is here, and it’s time for Alice to face her emotions head-on. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Good Trouble season 1 promos in HD!

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Good Trouble 1×13 Sneak Peek/Preview “Vitamin C” (Season Finale)
Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 13 Sneak Peek
Good Trouble Season 1 Season Finale Sneak Peek
Good Trouble 1×13 Sneak Peek “Vitamin C” (HD) Season Finale


» Watch Good Trouble Tuesdays at 8:00pm on Freeform
» Starring: Maia Mitchell, Cierra Ramirez

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