In this video, we will unbox the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, samsung’s latest tablet. We will also perform a first time setup and review some of it’s features including the S-Pen.
Let’s dive in.
Galaxy Tab S6 is a positioned as a direct competitor to the iPad Pro.
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49 thoughts on “Galaxy Tab S6 – Unboxing, First Time Setup, and Review”

  • Salvador Garcia says:

    Hi, do you think it is possible to use this tablet for rude excel activities? like a financial task or accounting
    What do you think about it?

  • I got this Tablet, it's a awesome tablet. Also i got keyboard for free. They have a earphones too but it depends which country it is (I'm from Philippines). I already got the earphone for free (it is included inside the box) but it has a type c one.

  • Jonathan Roberts says:

    I really appreciate all the tips videos. Do you have one coming out for the Tab S6? I got mine and the Note 10 Plus within the last few weeks and could use some help. Primarily, why is there not wallpaper/theme integration on the Tab S6? The preloaded wallpapers are alright, but I'd like more variety. Thanks!

  • Thanks so much Saki!!!! I have planned on buying this tablet but would not do it without viewing a Sakivideo first 🙂 Once again you didn't disappoint!

  • Great videos. I'll keep my Tab S4 for now. Little difference between the 835 and 855 chip imo plus I have a headphone jack! I have a S10+ as well. Please do a video on call message and continuity. You can recieve phone calls and text messages between your Tab and Galaxy devices. Keep up the great work. Thx. 👍📱

  • Jedidiah Daniel says:

    Guys.. I have a question. No offense to anyone. But why has no big tech youtubers (just in terms of subs like mkbhd, Linus, unbox therapy) haven't covered galaxy tab s6 yet?

  • If you want to buy high quality tablet to last you a long time and future proof yourself for a while then buy it, don't tell people not to buy it if they're not going to use it for "notes" that ridiculous, tablets are meant for media consumption simple as.

  • Dmitry Manzano says:

    What are the areas where iPad pro 11 could be better? Ofcorse it depends on what the os you prefer the most. But what really ipad can do better? Is it like more powerful cpu, more professional apps, better gaming quality? Are those things worth trying iPad if never loved ios? Samsung has defenetly a better screen, more like pc interface including dex mode, ability to download files and more functions overall.

  • Stuart Johnson says:

    Have you looked into a cover and how it will work with the S pen? I have an older GALAXY Note 10.1 that needs replacing as several apps can not be updated because of age.

  • Lies and truth,
    Attention don't read iSheep with heart conditions:

    1. iOS devices slow down by design:

    a) iPhone Performance and Battery Age by Geekbench:

    b) Joe Rogan & Marques Brownlee – The Problem with Apple:

    2. A12 outperform Snapdragon 855:

    a) Snapdragon 855 Benchmarks: Watch Your Back, iPhone by Tom's Hardware 2019:

    Snapdragon 855 Geekbench Multi: 11196 , A12 11420 😅

    "But the key takeaway here is how narrow the gap is between the iPhone XS and our Snapdragon 855-powered device. There's only a 2 percent difference in Geekbench 4 scores"

    Graphics 3Dmark Snapdragon 855: 5603, iPhone 3660 😅

    "Running 3DMark's Slingshot Extreme graphics benchmark on our reference device, we recorded a score of 5,603 for the Snapdragon 855. That blows away the 3,660 result we recorded for the iPhone XS"

    "More importantly, we should have a phone that can finally give the best of what Apple has to offer a run for its money in terms of performance",news-29129.html

    3. RAM management is better on iOS

    a) iPhone X Tests Reveal Apple's Design Problems:

    " Tests by high profile YouTubers like XeeTechCare, SuperSaf TV and EverythingApplePro (7M subscribers combined) have reached a consensus: the iPhone X can’t live with the real world performance of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus" 😅

    "While the Galaxy S9 Plus has 6GB of RAM, the iPhone X has just 3GB and RAM" 😂

    b) Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X SPEED Test! By Everything Apple Pro (fanboy Apple ) YouTuber 😂

    Results: iPhone destroyed.

    c) Does Android use more memory than iOS? – 😘

    4. iPhone XR LCD 2019! is a joke named as liquid retina for the zealots

    a) Cannot display a 1080p movie without some downsampling, unlike the XS, XS Max, or the iPhone 8 Plus.Oct 22, 2018 This is progress at Apple reality distortion dome.

    b) 9to5mac :

    "The other big online controversy since the iPhone XR was unveiled last month is regarding its display. Specifically, the screen resolution. YouTube content creators have spouted many videos criticizing the iPhone XR for having an old ‘720p’ screen. The iPhone XR screen is 1792×828 pixels. This means it cannot display a 1080p movie without some downsampling, unlike the XS, XS Max, or the iPhone 8 Plus. It has a pixel density of 326 PPI — the same as the iPhone 8.

    It is true that most new Android phones, even low-end ones, feature 1920×1080 panels. Whilst the XR is technically inferior on that particular bullet point, nobody complained that the iPhone 8 was too low resolution last year, and of course there are many different factors that determine the quality of a smartphone screen. Customers who value higher-PPI panels can consider the iPhone 8 Plus, or the XS series"

    So the new one is inferior to the last year. It is worst than a leftover designs with worst screen, leftovers design like "new" iPad Mini 5 original design 2013, iPad $350 original design 2014, new iPod Touch 2019 original design 2012 😅

    All they had LCDs and fat bezels. Some of them not even laminated screen.

    iPad Pro a Pro device $1600 don't have OLED, less RAM, no expandable storage, no USB support, mouse support, multiwindow like DEX desktop mode. Pro devices 😂 Galaxy Tabs since S3 have OLEDlike the new budget Tab S5e and Tab S6. iPhone don't have multitasking of any kind like split screen, Android have since 6.0 and mouse support since forever.

  • Will that S Pen work with a Note 10 plus? I'd like to find something that fills my hand better, even though I'm fully aware that it won't fit in the note.

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