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The Note 10 Plus was an interesting release. Mainly due to it being one of two models announced, so this is kind of the actual Note 10, and the announced Note 10 is sort of a Note 10 Lite. Strange. That also resulted in the Note 10 Plus’ starting price to land at $1,100. $150 more than last year’s release. Yikes. The headphone jack is gone, even though Samsung boasted about their own S10 retaining it just a few months ago. Strange. And lastly, there are no groundbreaking features. Just another incremental update. a refinement. And that’s actually okay. Cause this phone is awesome. Pricey, but awesome. It’s just difficult to recommend it at this price when there are other phones, including Samsung’s own S10+ that are hundreds of dollars less.
Check out our written review of the Note 10 Plus:
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