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Humans cannot synthesize vitamin C internally and must obtain it through the diet. In this video breakdown, Dr. Osborne discusses some of the most important functions of vitamin C in your body to include the regulation of your adrenals to producing neurotransmitters.


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12 thoughts on “Functions of Vitamin C”

  • Regina Rianelli rianelli.homeopatia at gmail says:

    Thank You, Dr. Osborne, for sharing your wisdom and scientific knowledge, plus NO GRAIN NO PAIN that are changing lives for the better worldwide…
    many Blessings your way,
    Regina Rianelli, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America

  • I've read that ascorbic acid, the synthetic form of Vit C used in most vitamin supplements, is actually bad for you. Most is derived from GMO corn. I heard a podcast by an ND, Dr. Friedman, who is also concerned with how the food is processed to extract the Vit C. He says many manufacturers use harsh chemicals like methadol, benzine, and petroleum esters (not sure if that just sounds bad or if it really affects the product). There is also some research that says ascorbic acid can cause genetic damage. Vitamin C supplements have been found to promote the generation of free radicals from iron in the body. Dr. Herbert from Mount Sinai School of Medicine says that "The vitamin C in supplements mobilizes harmless ferric iron stored in the body and converts it to harmful ferrous iron, which induces damage to the heart and other organs." And now there's a study that found ascorbic acid could cause kidney stones. I'm starting to think I should stick to only food sources of Vit C but I have a special detox supplement made by an ND which includes several synthetic forms of Vit C….calcium ascorbate, magnusium ascorbate, and pottasium ascorbate. Thoughts Dr. Osborne?

  • Zekerias Varg says:

    Vitamin C study Dr Robert Cathcart and Dr Frederick Klenner. Vitamin C and bowel tolerance method by dr Robert Cathcart is a must !! omarhives on youtube and . When you have an infection you will have a microbe rising the redox potential , pE, in the tissue and if taking C to tolerance you will lower the redox potential back so the microbe cant kill your tissue. All desceases consumes antiioxdants so if you have an infection the more severe the more C you can take without getting loose stool. Listen also to Andrew Saul and Thomas Levy on vitamin C. You have a lot of it under vitamincfoundation. Animals makes around 2-15 C a day if you calculate what we need to optimal health. BUT if you have an infection you can take very much more. Your tolerance level will tell you how serios your infection is. The C vitamin will NOT give you stones ! Vitamin C can give oxalate BUT you need calcium to have Ca-oxalate and you should not have Ca in the kidneys. You should put in Mg and vitamin K2 and b6 and you will not have Ca in the kidneys. C also kelates Calcium so that said eat more ascorbic acid! C does kill ankylosating spondylitis and C does take out iritis in the eyes if you put it in ( aches like hell but works) , C takes out allergy by regulating histamine and you have a very nice effect on histamin related migraines if you take 5-10 gram C. With niacin the effect could be synergistic. For hemachromatos the doctors say you shall avoid C as it increases iron uptake but guess what vitamin you need to take away iron from the liver, C ! A lots of it ! All this probably sound like its to much but study it and you see its much more as a anti poission if you have got a snake bite or similar. C should be in form of pure ascorbic acid if taking oraly. That was what Cathcart used ! In intravenous or for injection it shall be sodium ascorbate!

  • I can't get my teen to go grain-free, "just" wheat/corn & oat free. Upon my demand only, she takes liposomal C daily, which I think prevents a return to the worst of her chronic pleurisy/asthma/anemia. She's not well, but less sick. I wonder if insurance will accept the celiac diagnosis through genetic testing? She has both HlaDq8 and 2.2 but "failed" the blood test (super low IgA but MD didn't understand how that negates the result).

  • For a few months now, I've been taking Ester-C on the advice of my sister. She seems to have a lot of knowledge about nutrition so after watching this video, I'm glad to have taken her advice. This particular bottle of vitamin Ester C is enhanced with flavonoids which seems to be a good idea. Anyway, after watching this video, I'm going to keep this a part of my daily schedule. Thank you for the advice Dr. Osborne.

  • soupper soulger says:

    Cardiovascular Disease is actually Low Grade Scurvy of the Heart (aka Chronic Scurvy), not to be confused with Acute Scurvy that killed the sailors of old. Low Grade Scurvy of the Heart was scientifically proven in animal models back in April 2015. LDL does not actually plug arteries…..that's the job of sticky Lipoprotein(a) which is made in the Liver and is a temporary surrogate for Ascorbic Acid aka VitC. LDL is simply a transport truck to help get LPa up to the damaged area to help lay down a temporary patch to stop bleeding arteries caused by the never ending mechanical action of the heart.
    The problem with LPa is that with on-going low VitC levels, LPa over shoots and keeps layering its repair patch upon repair patch causing the artery to eventually become blocked. LDL is at the scene of the crime but is not the perpetrator. Enough VitC in the body will produce collagen to do the proper natural repairing of arteries and LPa will not be produced/released by the liver.

    99.9% of all animals make their own VitC except for us humans and lower primates, fruit bats, guinea pigs and some fish. Heart attacks are virtually unknown in the wild animal Kingdom.
    Animals self heal their bleeding arteries daily from having the ability to make copious amounts of Ascorbic Acid internally….we naked apes do not. 🍊

  • Excellent Info Dr. Osborne! Thank You! There is a reason "certain" cancer centers use mega dose Vitamin C to treat patients with certain types of cancer…Sometimes in combination with other protocols as well.

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