This was my first time on an Emirates Boeing 777 and so was keen to try out the airfraft. There were two sectors to be flown: Ho Chi Minh City – Dubai – Glasgow. Would these be enjoyable based on reviews I had seen, or would they be the flights from hell.

For my quick trip into Dubai please see the separate video at

BEIJING – day of arrival
– Full day Beijing
– Looking for scammers
– Great Wall of China
– Hi-speed train Beijing to Shanghai
– Shanghai (part 1)
– Shanghai (part 2)
– Shanghai to Nanning
– Nanning (part 1)
– Nanning night market
– Nanning to Hanoi

VIETNAM – Hanoi day or arrival
– Hanoi full day
– Hanoi to Saigon by train (part 1)
– Hanoi to Saigon by train (part 2)
– Saigon full day
– Saigon last day

EMIRATES Ho Chi Minh City-Dubai-Glasgow



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