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  • The purpose of advancement, education, science, technology, engineering and development is to make life easier, simpler, cheaper, safer, healthier, happier and more fun for everyone. Electric and alternative powered vehicles is the way! Can't wait for all vehicles to be electric or similar super low maintenance no or lower noise systems to predominate. Interesting this four prop unit seems louder than the gas mono prop ones. The less noise the better. I only watched videos, never been near either types. Never even heard of nitro units. Safe happy travels

  • heavier than many without the motor on it. Also, cage is a knightmare waiting to happen. Light/neat doesn't always play along well with durable. Good tap on this thing and I can only imagine repair cost.

  • I got a chance to fly the OPEN PPG electric paramotor a bit ago and I love it. Here is my review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhwJiRq8GO4

  • Call me kooky but I think I heard the low battery warning @5:13 in the video. Which is exactly what I was thinking the WHOLE time: why is this dude just wasting the battery on the ground? I mean we can hear and see that the motors work. If you have any confidence at all in the PERFORMANCE and not just the pretty design quality get the damn thing in the air and show us. Stop the talk. I thought from the get-go, not much power, and battery life sucks. ANd this video seems to prove that.

    Ok…later in the video- I see that the props lurch with each beep so maybe that beeping is some power activated signal??? And I see that they are FINALLY getting the thing in the air. So (continuing with the video)…

    Ok. Kinda neat. I see advantages and disadvantages. But im a moron so I'll keep my opinions to myself. I want to start paramotoring someday but I dont know if this is where I'd start. I wonder how the cost compares. its definitely compact and mobile. Silence when off is cool.

  • looked a little flimsy, but it seemed to work. What's the battery life? Or was I not listening closely enough? I don't know it was loud in here.

  • How about having a much smaller IC (internal combustion) engine that is used to generate electricity, that way you can fast charge this rig? A hybrid..

  • Ian The Real G says:

    This is not the future of paramotors. Gasoline + oxygen has an energy density of 46.4Mj/kg, but the best energy density battery is about 9Mj/kg. Now let's assume it's actually that type of lithium battery and not just a LiPo (1.8Mj/kg) which would be ~25 times less efficient in terms of weight. So when you fuel your tank up and complain about how gasoline is so heavy, multiply that weight by 4 or 5 or by 25 just to get the same energy as gasoline. Even worse is that high discharge batteries are SUPER DANGEROUS, gasoline however is limited in discharge by the amount of air/oxygen surrounding it, so your entire tank of gasoline can't just explode all at once — gas is way safer because it has this built in safety mechanism, way more efficient, and so much lighter. This is why the Tesla car has a 1000 pound battery but can only drive like 2 hours on it, versus a tank of gas which is let's say 100-120 pounds and can be driven on for like 8 hours or something. All of that extra weight can be handled by a ground vehicle, but not by an aircraft. Long story short is that until there are safer, more energy dense batteries at an affordable price, this is absolutely guaranteed to not be the future of paramotors, even though I think it would be sweet.

  • puttesla intxtbks says:

    I had several thoughts write away. First-So loud! Could use ducked fans instead of that huge round guard, it may cut down alot of the noise and also give more for the same power. Also, maybe find some quieter motors. Second, put some lite, flexable solar strips on the top of the wing. Wouldn't need but extend run time and when down or coasting, renew some battery time. Could be placed so whenwing is folded, they could be left out to be charging.

  • anthony butto says:

    They do not look like they can go the same speed as a gasoline paramotor after watching a few of those gasoline paramotors perform, is it the way he handles it¿..

  • Aristocrafied says:

    I can just imagine the batteries failing and fire breaking out up there like with the Samsung phones and all the Tesla's. If I'd be para-motoring that would be my reason to stick with combustion motors..

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