Xin Chào Mội Người!
Trong video này, tôi đi Sa Pa cho du lịch!

👊 J O I N T H E W O N G F A M 👊

What’s Up WONG fam!

Here’s part 1 to 3 parts of my Sapa Wlog Series!




📹W O N G S P I R A T I O N — Gillian gets inspired.

📹W O N G V E R S A T I O N — ideas worth spreading.

📹W O N G F O O O D — Gillian eats.

📹W L O G S — Gillian vlogs Wong style.



The name is Gillian but they call me Wong! I am a Singaporean Texan who lives in Vietnam. I am a Teacher & YouTuber, two of the best jobs in the world if you ask me! My dream is to create the best WONG FAM, so join the family now and let’s make history!

For more about me, click on the link below👇🏻


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| Luke 4:18 |


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