Finally the end of the story of seasons, Doraemon. The best game ever which I also sad that this journey is now ended. Being happy to play this game a lot through the hardworks managing crops, fishing, business, relationships with the villagers. Now it’s time that Doraemon, nobita and friends coming home. ShaoChun’s farm will be…. Hope you guys enjoy this video.

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20 thoughts on “Doraemon Story Of Seasons: PART 18 STORY ENDING, CREDITS & AFTER CREDIT SCENE”


    Shao chun I am also playing this game I always love doraemon games because doraemon is my favorite cartoon in the world I cry by its ending too emotional ☺

  • Pedram Shahrokhi says:

    why they should finish a good game like this? why no update like marriage or go to town or smt else … I played this game for 30 hours and I knew I cant marriage in this game and it has an end. I didn't play any more and idk what should I play now and finding another game like this :((( if u guys know any good game like this pls tell me idk what should I play ..

  • So shortly before the end sequences: Vera presents you with 2 different options regarding the elder tree: Either reset the tree with no hope of returning home but you'll save the village OR let the storm suck everyone in and hope that you pop out somewhere nice on the other side. She makes a point that those are your ONLY options.

    Shortly after the reset of the elder tree, Vera tells you that she had a time machine the whole time in hiding and she could repair it with the gadgets within 1 week and send everyone back home…! Wait… what!?

    At first I thought that this was just lazy story-telling but then I thought about it some more.

    I guess maybe if you look at it this way: Vera couldn't repair the time machine without Doraemon's gadgets so she lied to the kids, saying she needed the gadgets to fix the tree when that was never possible to begin with. Once she acquires the gadgets from the kids, she no longer needs the elder tree's transporting ability and forces Nobi and crew to reset the tree, thus uncovering the time machine hidden underneath. From the moment she heard of Doraemon's gadgets, her plan was to fix the machine and use it for herself to find her son and husband.

    What doesn't make sense is that she never had to lie in the first place… the time machine would have taken Nobi and crew back home and from there Vera could continue using it to find her son and husband, so why lie about it? Nobi said he would use the machine and then send it back to Vera. Vera accepts this proposal which proves that the time machine can be used multiple times.

    I'm curious to know your thoughts about the story. Did it make sense to you?

  • Bro is there a replay value? Like coming back to farm life? Or like u dont want to go back to your own world and keep farming until you get sick to it? Or just like that after u beat the game you will have to start all over again?

  • I guess if u wanted to drag it out, u could get all friendships with everyone and animals up before progressing to the end of story maybe? Or could u continue playing even after story ends?

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