Doraemon Story of Seasons – Gameplay – Walkthrough – Let’s Play – Part 1 – We begin a brand new adventure of farming! In this episode, there’s mostly just cutscenes as the intro is quite long for this game. If I had to give a review for this game, I’d say it’s very positive for now!


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20 thoughts on “Doraemon Story of Seasons – Gameplay – Walkthrough – Let's Play – Part 1”

  • вυттєяcυp υтσηιυm says:

    i seriously am disappointed that they made a gorgeous game like this based off an anime that i have 0 interest in nor do not like at all :/. I really would've loved it if it was it's own game not based off an anime, would've saved some people like myself trouble from feeling left out. Anyway the game looks fun, although would've been nice if you could use the girl instead of the boy. :p!

  • pimej pendragon says:

    man im playing final fantasy 4 with ur youtube guide im getting closer to the end of the game part 35. Thank you for the guide!

  • I bought it because it looks cute… but it's not THAT cute for that long intro. I eventually kept skipping the events only to begin a new dialogue event. I only had a half hour to play at work and ran out of time. I just wanted to play. The only freedom I had was to walk to the cat to start a new dialogue event. Quite honestly, I'm sick of these characters already. But I understand I'm not the target audience. I get why it's not as popular outside of Japan though. I'm having some buyers remorse. I'll give it another shot.

  • What is your impression of the game as in the state right now? Should i wait the game to be on sale or should i buy it right now?

  • You are correct the way you pronounce Doraemon but i pronounce Doraemon the wrong way since i was very young hahahaha, it's hard to change to the correct pronunciation.

  • chanchai usanapong says:

    This is the first time i have seen your Gameplay. The way you called Doraemon is collected and that is the only thing i like about this gameplay. When I finished watching this video, I have a sensation that you are not familiar with "Doraemon movies" and Japanese culture base on your comment in the video. Anyway, thanks for the video.

  • just give an information about doraemon

    the series is more popular in asian region rather than america ( but i also heard its quite famous in europe)..

    the naming for main character is using eng dub, so the name is kinda weird..
    Noby = Nobi Nobita
    Big G = Giant (the nickname only change, the real name still same Goda Takeshi)
    Sue = Shizuka Minamoto
    Sneech = Suneo Honekawa

    actually there is one more but rarely in friend circle is call Ace Goody in english dub (Dekisugi in japan)

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