Review of the DJI Osmo+ as well as how to best set it up. Is the DJI Osmo Plus the best all-in-one 4k camera gimbal solution?

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39 thoughts on “DJI OSMO Plus Review | OSMO+ Best all-in-one Gimbal | RehaAlev”

  • Hi Reha, thanks for the very good review and intro video to the Osmo+ – it's so good to see the beautiful streets that I myself frequent at least once a year – Pattaya Pattaya lol (that is Walking Street right? not Soi Cowboy in Bkk.)
    Anyway, I just ordered the Osmo+ and am waiting for it's delivery any day now. I was wondering, what is the difference between the frame rates when shooting in 4k? I mean why would someone shoot 25 fps or 24 fps or 30 fps, in what instances would these different framerates be used for?

    Secondly, why do you prefer to use D-cinelike colour type? What is the difference and what are the circumstances when one would use this mode over the others i.e. when shooting scenery or sports or portrait? What colour set-up would you recommend for mostly indoors video shooting? I am not a pro and have zero clue about editing videos, so I would prefer to shoot straight out of the box and use the footage as is without any editing or software tweaking.
    Is there any auto shut off due to over-heating when shooting 4k? Like for example if I have 3 batteries, could I swap out the batts and resume shooting immediately or do i need to wait for a cooldown
    Lastly, in indoor scenarios, if i were to zoom in on a subject, at what zoom level would I be able to still get 4k footage and decent stabilization? I saw somewhere that at maximum zoom, the 4k would be changed to 1080p and image stabilization would be poor.
    If anybody who is familiar with the osmo+ could answer as well, that'd be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Very nice video, thank you! The Osmo's performance looks good, except that the image bounces up and down on the forward move. Hopefully Osmo can correct this in the next version as well as integrate a tiny moniotor in the grip.

  • Thanks for the great review. Can you recommend a stabilized video platform I can use to record football games from the stands? I currently use a Cannon VIXIA on a tripod, but the gimbal is not smooth and the camera itself doesn't have very good stabilization. Can you demonstrate the OSMO+ zoom capability while videoing a sport? If you recommend another product, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  • it is really impressif how good this small camera is!
    thanks for sharing, i got one myself the other week but didnt have the time to unpack it yet
    maybe i will also do a video about it on my youtube channel, who knows 🙂

  • Great review. I learned a lot. However, not sure how you can say the footage is smooth. The footage is bouncing around with your steps. I guess with the ninja walk it could be better?

  • I switched to a DJI Osmo plus last year. I love the smooth footage it takes, but I miss the ease of use on my gopro and how rough I could be with it. Carrying the osmo around is kind of a pain and hooking it up to my phone evertime I wanna shoot something. Do you think I can switch to the gopro 6 on just a stick and still get smooth videos like on my osmo plus?

  • Can someone answer a simple question? I have a s8 + phone but I do not know which gimbal to buy.osmo plus or just the osmo mobile?

  • I wish I could like the osmo and osmo +….but I just can't stand the use of my cell phone to see my frame setup. If they make a built in screen I'll buy one. Until then it's not a true run and gun quick shot camera. I've gotten pretty fast with my gopro hero 4 silver with an EVO GP Pro 3 axis gimbal.

  • The street market looks so lively! Reminded me of Bangkok and just realized it is. I’ve been to Bangrak area and stayed around Shangri La.

  • I’m liking these consistent uploads! I gotta watch your other video with your gripes about the Osmo Mobile. Do you have problems with the horizontal axis with the Osmo plus? In some gimbals, if you’re running with them, their horizontal will end up slightly diagonal.

  • Board with Life says:

    Nice.. Can you do one on the new mobile gimble they have just released?.. This looks good but, You would have thought they would use the active track from the mavic platform for the selfie mode?.. And the sports mode?

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