This review of the latest DJI OSMO, the Osmo +, 4K gimbal camera, shows it’s capabilities and includes photos and videos from the device and also showcases some accessories you can use with it.

For me though the poor quality photos and videos you get randomly, along with some wifi and audio problems and let’s not forget the fact the camera head wanders around on its own, make me not able to use this camera for rear of not getting my shot or coming away with crappy footage.

I’m already having to re-book video shoots after using the Osmo + and coming away to find the footage was pretty bad.

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32 thoughts on “DJI Osmo Plus – In-depth Real Review [4K]”

  • Kruger Photo Safari says:

    Hi thx for your review. I just bought the Osmo+ but are having problems with my iPhone 6. Any comments. which is the best iPhone if mine issent. thx for your reply

  • Waisted my money buying your products, and wasted more money getting fooled by your Care Refresh scam. All what DJI cares and like to refresh is their pocket….!
    Big mistake is buying a dji M2P drone that comes with a STUPID and never intelligent battery. These batteries gets pregnant after 9 months of purchase (Battery swells) causing the battery to be ejected from the drone during flight, ending in a crash. dji are so devilish by indicating in their policy that batteries are covered for 6 months only, because they know that at 9 month these batteries are giving birth. And the biggest mistake I did was buying the fly more kit and an additional battery to make it 4 batteries in total. All of the batteries now are swelled up. Mind you that I take good care of my stuff, for the batteries, I always discharge them to 40% if I'm not planing to use for more than 10 days, fully charge and discharge on a regular bases and always stored in a cool place between 15 to 25 degrees in a secure sealed hard case by Nanuk.
    Called dji for replacement, they rejected my request although I have bought the care refresh and the Select member which was never used once…!

  • I regret buying this. I bought the Pocket version but now I realize I have no way to even attach my phone. So I have to buy all these accessories. Seems like they need to markup their product so it at least comes with the necessary goods so I am not shopping for a dozen other parts.

  • Hi John. Thank you for your expanded and very good review. I did some pictures on my Osmo plus too and have to say that I didn't experience any clearenes and sharpness problems. Are you sure that you removed the protection transparent sticker form the camera lens? Not trolling, just seriously asking… 🙁

  • Great video! Please tell me, what camera did you use to shoot the opening close-ups of the Osmo? The image is very clean and sharp with great balance. Thanks!

  • Thank God I watched this… Totally not what I would've expected on a prosumer device! The only reason to buy this basically is to separate camera and viewfinder for very low/high shots… But with that camera you might as well go with a Ronin and use your own DSLR

  • Outdoorsman Dave says:

    Great review thanks; I’m just starting out with my Outdoorsman Dave brand here in New Zealand and find using my DSLR too shaky for recording my tramping adventures. Do you think the Osmo is small, light and robust enough to go tramping with or is there a better option? Budget is limited.

  • Very good review thanks John – I can see this has a use for outdoor, well stabilised, video – indoors the tiny sensor isn't going to do well. As for audio it's probably better to have an external recorder with you. If they can be had cheap enough, then there's a good reason to get one for the dynamic video footage, but that's about it. I wonder if a standard phone gimbal is the better option – I do like that the osmo has 3x optical zoom.

  • Good review … was about to order one but will wait until DJI update /improve the osmo !
    I can see why the secondhand market is flooded with them
    as they look great on paper
    Nice one John

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