Learn the difference between these two amino acids when it comes to TRUE healing.

Why LYSINE or even Lysine Pills for anyone that has Herpes May Damage the Detox Process

The DANGERS Of Lysine Supplements & (Why they Are NOT Necessary?)

Please follow “all” information at your own risk. You must consult your licensed physician before starting or changing any new diet or foods. WE ARE NOT MEDICAL DOCTORS: therefore, we do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your medical doctor has prescribed for you, nor does it conflict with any pharmaceutical medication you are taking.

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11 thoughts on “DETOX PROCESS —— LYSINE Versus ARGININE”

  • Quean Of the Green says:

    Hey James. I have a question. I have recently (past 3 weeks) contracted the hsv 2 virus and have been dosing oil of oregano, colloidial silver, hydrogen peroxide , ozone and eating mostly raw … now , I have a problem because I'm severely underweight and losing weight too quickly on a mostly raw diet. The only cooked food im eating is lightly steamed asparagus and teff. How can I keep weight without nuts, seeds.. etc… ?

  • Hi I'm on anti epileptic drugs, I don't know how to go about weening myself off these skittles (drugs) without having a seizure. Ive started my detox about a month ago but I feel like my pills are slowing down my process. If anyone is in my boat can you please comment under my comment.

  • Everyone including James, please read this article in full. Its about an Australian based pharmaceutical company potentially finding a cure for hsv-2! My friend who has it just sent me. Look at the ingredients the pharmaceutical company is using and there approach!! “Holistic ingredients”


  • What are some ways to determine if you are making progress? Longer stretches between breakouts, The kidney filtering, I’m sure are a good sign. But is there anything else to look out for?

  • I really thought lysine was a vitamin so I took it to get rid of my cold sores. But I see what your saying I’m really sick right now and my cough is bad. I haven’t taken it in a two months. But I’m guessing my detox will take longer than since I taken lysine?

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