Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF. What is dawn phenomenon and somogyi effect? People ask why is my blood sugar high in the morning especially people with diabetes and insulin resistance? Why the high blood sugar levels even while eating low carb, keto or intermittent fasting, but this seems like it shouldn’t be happening since blood sugar levels are low while eating low carbohydrates. The dawn phenomenon, also called the dawn effect, is something a lot of diabetes experience where their morning fasting blood sugar go to high levels. You will learn why it happens and why you can still have this happen after you start lowing your blood sugar levels with diet.



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39 thoughts on “Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF”

  • Dr. Sten Ekberg says:

    Learn more about reversing insulin resistance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU84RvE568k&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR7IW2i9shjLQrkYEZP-gZ_z plus keto and intermittent fasting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykPdkd5ALGc&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR6589-_IGStaHxj6a-BP8iY

  • Anandhakrishnan Kannammedu says:

    Well explained sir. I am a type l diabetic patient. My fbs is found in and around 150 almost all days. My hbaic is 6. I am using insulil for the last 22 years. I am following low carbo food. My ppbs is found 130. My doubt is that whether my fbs is too high or not.

  • Rockie mountin says:

    Great info doc my blood sugar was 189 this morning I had walnuts right before I went to bed iI am t2 diabetic trying to eat low-carb high-fat keto diet but some of these numbers are really got me baffled

  • the comments received by most other people are a mixed bag of praise, scorn, and silly.
    your comments are generally intelligent high praise and thanks.
    I found you at the right time.

  • I watch your video religiously. I dont know how i missed this one ! My morning blood test was high in the past weeks (85-93 ) and I was scared. This video is so helpful.Thank Dr Sten . As always : AWESOME

  • Somogyi effect is a myth according to Dr. Berstein. I'm a TD1 and its causes by an over-correction of high BG. When you are high insulin dose to correct is not as linear therefore calculating the correct dose is impossible. Most TD over-correct and go low in the middle of the night.

  • Michelle Laughter says:

    I finally understand!🤗
    Thank you!
    My fasting glucose is high but my A1c is only 5.3
    If I'm super stressed (like lately with my ailing mom) my morning glucose is near 147 this entire week.
    But I'm still LCHF
    Thanks for helping me understand!
    I'll work on handling the stress better

  • Jo Ann Wycoff says:

    Great explanation. But one question: does this mean that when we have the dawn effect that we need to just go ahead and eat our breakfast? And should that be our OMAD instead of dinner if we are doing OMAD? I would think that the longer the dawn effect is working on you, the harder it is on your body. Correct?

  • Omg I feel like you just made this video about me excellent excellent job it really answers a lot of my questions thank you so much cheers

  • Thank you doc. You are awesome. I was struggling to understand why my morning readings are high when my daily readings are in control. This video makes perfect sense and helps clarify my doubts. Thank you!

  • Leevanesh Shivraj says:

    Hey doctor, my fasting was 7.2 mmol although I wasn’t eating the previous day because I was scared. But i was really stress about the blood test I’m going to do! My anxiety was really high scared of what it’s going to be and the I tested in the clinic it was fasted 7.2 mmol but the doctor said it’s not diabetes

  • Michael Irwin says:

    Thank you for the detail you include in your explanations. Here is a question that I've had for some time but haven't found an answer to that you may have addressed or might like to at some point.
    Most everyone is aware of the dissipation rate of alcohol over time and I've been wondering if a similar formula exists to apply to blood glucose, and how low it can go when fasting. Example: How long will a healthy metabolism take to clear the 400g carbs I just ate?

  • Sitagliptin keeps the insulin around long enough to eliminate the 'Dawn Phenomenon'
    Try using Januvia together with the diet changes.

  • Most of the people who 'think' they are 'keto' have never tested themselves. They often fool themselves by eating a few high-carb foods on the side and think that has no effect.
    If you do not check for ketamine via the ketostick urine method or direct blood tests you do not know if your diet is working or not.
    Don't fool yourself, do the science and check your REAL keto levels every week at least.
    You can lose a lot of weight without keto, just find the right balance between your ability to tolerate carbs and the amount of carbs you consume. It varies from person-to-person, there is no need to adopt ridiculous keto diets.

  • Andrew Schär says:

    I have a question. I started fasting after eating at 2pm yesterday and my blood glucose reading an hour later was 5.88 (106). 2 hours later it was 5.77 (104). 6 hours later, it was 6.33 (114). Then, at 5am the next morning (so 15 hours later) the reading was still 6.33 (114). I then did a 1-mile run + 60min of HIIT + another 1-mile run. When I tested at 7:30am, much to my surprise, it was 6.27 (113). I really was expecting it to have dropped with exercise. Then I had a protein smoothie and an hour later it's sitting at 5.83 (105). So based on your video, it sounds pretty normal, but is it ok to have a blood glucose homeostasis of 6.3? From what I've read, a fasting blood glucose of 5.6 (100) – 6.9 (124) is deemed prediabetic. One thing I did notice with my exercise, is that ketones were up to 0.7 and my GKI was 9. So just sitting on the weight-loss level. But then it was time to eat, so I would have lost any fat-burning after that. I have been 16:8 fasting for 1 month and have not been able to lose any weight (nor girth around my waist). Could it be that my body is fighting the fasting with high glucose levels, or worse, that I have to fast much longer before I get any results?

  • How to explain that at 12 noon the sugar is at a non-diabetic to 112, although the one hasn't eaten anything (since at least 16-20 hours). That happened to me. I had been on low carb / ketogen for two and a half years, with phases of "normal" carb nutrition. At this time, I was also in the normal diet for a few weeks (moderately KH, as in the old/normal Nutrition Pyramid, no overloading with sugar). I have never had blood sugar problems before. My Hba1c value is fine too. How is this to be explained? Thanks!

  • Great explanation! This is my situation exactly. Lower A1c, weight loss but slightly elevated morning blood glucose that remains until I eat something. Very reassuring to know this is normal. Thank you.

  • Hi Dr. Elkberg. Can you pls do videos for type 1 diabetic kids…the information that no one has put it out…what is the root of this disease and any cure in close future@!!! Antibodies and etc… that can help millmillion of little kids that are suffering from this heartbreaking disease….td1 connection with thyroid disease…the role of vaccine and the role of cow milk which I believe has a strong relation with the root of this disease…thank you great videos

  • Colleen Baptiste says:

    I've been experiencing this lately, I eat a low carb meal blood sugar comes down, scared me until I realised what was happening, now I understand better.
    Thank you very much.
    Sometimes my night time BS is 88, 90 and that scares me that it will go too low while I sleep, what do you think?

  • I love your channel. I'm going through this process of trying to overcome IR and you have answered so many of my questions. I'm very thankful for everything you share.

  • Rogelio Silva says:

    Thank you so much Dr. I clearly understood your explanation, even though my first language it's spanish. I've been listening to your videos for 5 months.
    Lost 45 lbs in this period of time with, first, low carb, then keto and intermittent fasting.
    Thank you for everything you are doing to help us.

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