While this is a GREAT palette – there is a HUGE problem that no one is talking about!



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  • klaud hennessy says:

    I also thought the palette looked like a jouer palette and I also… thought about the price and amount of product. I got the icon palette but I would never in a million years buy a quad palette for $55

  • GamingWithMus says:

    i hope she doesn't spike up the price for the big palette now lol. better stock up before she realizes the big price discrepancy.

  • 🤣 YOU (and us) got gypped from the Quad Palette. I think CT is trying to be competitive, and running out of uniqueness. With a generic/stock palette…I am better off with £5 Revolution. 😮

  • Caterina Iona says:

    That is a great price for a palette which is weird which makes the quad seem ridiculously overpriced. There are some products which justify a high price but I don't think those quads are among them. Thanks for an honest review. You are one of a kind.

  • Janice Vetter says:

    I would not know about this brand if it wasn’t for you. I love it to but the pricing is out of control. Does tilbury only want to sell her products to the wealthy?

  • Megan Hailey Gonzalez says:

    The Vintage Vamp is one of my absolute favorite go to holy grail eyeshadow palettes. Yeah, it’s $53, but I would totally repurchase it if I had to because it is easy, beautiful, blends well, and classy af… and I know I’ll use it.

  • Fliskography says:

    That pallet reminds me of the Kokie eye shadow palettes. I love those but they blend horribly with a runny consistency- primer.

  • Jamie Sanford says:

    It may be a marketing strategy – a gateway product for consumers that feels like a better value, so a way to get them into the brand, and perhaps to create a repeat customer.

  • Melissa Sister says:

    Hi wayne, silly question but when you mention about this is a stock palette ? Could you please explained , as i dont understand, x

  • CT is branching out and taking a new direction. I don't see a problem with the pricing. Her quads have better formula and longevity and overall better quality. This is an OK palette but not her best palette. I also feel that a lot of her current quads will be eventually discontinued. I can't imagine that all of them are selling that well. I hope she doesn't go into making cheaper products just to attract more customers. I respect that she is not coming with that many new products all the time.

  • Master Something says:

    Some of Charlottes products are absolutely amazing, but the prices are sky high. $54 for a 4 quad eyeshadow is a bit much. And $100 for magic cream WOW.

  • It’s a shame because I have no interest in that bigger palette but there are at least two of those quads that I would love to own (but never will unless they bring the price point down).

  • Irina Bjedov says:

    When I see this palette it reminds me so much of the Dose of Colors Desi x Katy palette, as far as colors go! We’ve seen this color scheme before.
    Love you videos btw, so honest and raw! 👏🏻✨💕

  • Initially I thought it looked like the NARS palette….take your pick.. I have pulled back from beauty window shopping & purchase shopping because of the hailstorm of beauty products coming out of every corner. Love Charlotte Tilbury’s face creams, lipsticks, lipliners but have put the palettes on hold. Thanx for the heads up!
    Mr. Maestro, I love all your beautiful brushes. The genius brush is the brush for the small crease and my #12 brush.
    Love love love…

  • Barbara Rodriguez says:

    is this a poured formula instead of pressed? I've noticed a few brands seem to have started using this type of newer formulas…especially with limited edition and other special releases…thoughts?

  • Wow. Maybe the 4 pan compacts should come with a warning….This product is ripping you off. After working in the cosmetic industry for 32 years the high cost of the prestige brands are hard to swallow to begin with, but this is rather blatant 🥴.

  • Her quads to me are higher quality than this icon palette. Like the Dolce Vita is the best palette I have ever ever used, especially her pop shades. And let’s not forget that the prime shade has built in primer so there is not need to use a base. I definitely think you should look at the quality of the icon shades versus her quads. Anyone who doesn’t like the quads doesn’t know how to use them properly! But I’m a die hard Charlotte girl so forgive my defensiveness.

  • I'm glad you pointed out how Warm the palette is, I'm just sick of warm tones!! Cool-tones don't have to be neutral colors. Every time I see a CT product I think "Yep that would look really good on Charlotte".

  • I didn't even think about the difference in prices between this and the 4 pan eyeshadows. I um'd and aah'd a long time before forking out £39 each for The Sophisicate and the Golden Goddess palettes which I love. But if Icons does contain stock colours that would probably reflect in the price. But is the quality the same in both, or were the quads over priced in the first place😐….🔎.

  • I think that brands across the board get a over inflated puffed up ego and start charging or do so right out the gate, ridiculously stupid prices, when some of the best high quality products can and are produced and sold for much less. Like Natasha Denona, Pat McGrath (sp), CT, etc. Pat McGrath just came out with singles for $25 but her mini palettes are $55 for 6 shades. And Natasha Denona prices are beyond stupid! I don't care how good the quality is, no one, and I mean NO ONE's products are worth that much, except for your brushes (because of how they're made), so while they may be pretty I can't justify it. But you, you I adore Abe appreciate more than you know!!!

  • This was one of the first things I thought when I saw the price point of this pallete. I have bought it and it's gorgeous, so I have no reservations about the quality of the shadows, but it makes me feel that the original ones are really overpriced.

  • I saw this pallet used and loved the look so I purchased it, but now I am wondering if that was not a good way to spend my money. I think when it comes to CT I will wait for your review of the product before I make up my mind. You are an honest review person! Thanks 🙏

  • Thank you so much for pointing this out and just being honest. I’m glad I didn’t buy the larger palette but feel ripped off for the four shadow palettes. Will definitely make me think before buying again.

  • Fran-Michelle Cotter says:

    I was watching the video where you spoke about your mom and how you eased her by purchung a mini for her. Most adult kids are more worried about what their parents will give or leave them. What you did was so selfless and loving for your mom. You are working hard to be successful in your business. instead of reinvesting the money back into your business oh, you found it more important do this for your mother who no longer could drive a manual car. You put her first and that is a wonderful thing. now you can tell me where the box full of Woe Is so I can order some brushes that would be wonderful. Much success someone with such a Generous Heart.

  • Thanks Wayne for your honest review. Just purchased n returned the Pillow Talk quads. I really wanted to love it but it just didn’t work for me. Huge fan of her but haven’t loved anything from her line yet.

  • I love every product I've purchased from CT but the price of the eyeshadow quads have always made me reluctant. Thanks for the honesty Wayne 🙂

  • Julie Meaton says:

    I think Charlotte Tilbury is massively overrated,I’ve seen,and have,much nicer more purse friendly makeup,and tbh Wayne has just made my point really!!! Yes I know it’s each to their own but I just think she’s way too expensive for what it is.

  • Oh Wayne, We all know how much you adore CT and it is clearly evident in this video that you are extremely uncomfortable having to say what you say. Thank you for your honesty 😉 #still subscribed :-)xx

  • This is why you are the king of YouTube, such a honest person. You gave constructive criticism, and got your point across, while still being one of the most nicest people I have come across. You didn’t go in like most youtubers do slating the company, droning on and on, they say “ I don’t like this shade” at the start of the video, by the end of the video they have slagged off the whole palette, company, and every other Tom, dick and Harry 🤦🏻‍♀️ You are a true gentleman Wayne, and please, please marry me one day 😘 xx

  • A. Health & Beauty says:

    Wow. Thanks for pointing that out! Basically they're charging way too much for the quad palettes! Always love your videos! Straight to the point, honest, and very respectful! Classy man, you are!😚😁❤

  • Jessica Ridinger says:

    I’ve been eyeing the pillow talk quad but like you said $53 for 4 eyeshadow I went ahead an order the pallet I love it worth ever penny

  • I have never, ever used all of even one eyeshadow and I have many! I use most everyday! Never hit bottom of a single eyeshadow! Hmmmm, I think they last for what? Forever? Lol

  • TopSecretMakeup says:

    So nice to hear an honest opinion from you as we all know that you and Charlotte are friends. That’s why you are authentic, thank you.

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