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  • I just started using vitamin C serum and noticed a mild burning sensation. I was a little worried about it, just because I normally don’t feel that. It’s good to know that in this case, the burning is common. Thanks Dr. Dray!

  • I have used Timeless vitamin C + E + ferulic acid for a couple years….It makes your face bright and tight….Its only 25.00, I find it's worth it….Timeless products are great….

  • Tania Holland says:

    Have you tried the Timeless Vitamin C serum and if so, can you please share your thoughts on it and the brand in general? Thanks!

  • emily schwellenbach says:

    Dr Gray I make my own Vit. C serum by using cosmetic grade Lascobic acid powder. I make it new once a week. I have had profound change in a very irritated area that I have between my eyebrows.Basically it was a bunch of bumps that would scab and peel, over and over. Nothing the dermatoligist prescribed worked. I make 15% at this time. i also applied it on my hubbys nose which has rocesea and it drastically improved. We have been using it since May. No discoloration or irritation at all. It was an experiment due to desperation and so far so good. Have you heard of this.

  • Good CrunchyTaco says:

    You really wont notice this product is doing anything if you already have flawless skin. Now if you have dark marks and purple bags like me, this product is amazing. I definitely noticed a reduction of wrinkles as well. I mainly bought it because I wanted vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, and ceramindes all in one product.

  • Do you have a recommendation for skin on legs which has lost its barrier as a result of soaking in hot water in the tub? The skin is very dry and crusty.

  • Arrived in New England, bought it and it was the last one yesterday in the Walmart of Exeter !! Tell you the effect in a few days. Merci et bonne journée.

  • Valeria Beltran says:

    Vitamin C also stings my face and I don't think I have sensitive skin but the vitamin C I really love is by Wishtrend.

  • HOW VITAMIN C SERUMS CAUSE ACNE IN HEALTHY SKIN https://www.oumere.com/blogs/news/how-vitamin-c-serums-cause-acne-in-healthy-skin

  • linda ackerman says:

    Dr Dray, what do you think of the ordinary products, I started using their 1% retinol in squalane and its pretty strong but I cannot tolerate perscription retin A products so I thought this would be a good alternative and the price is right at about $12.00 with shipping..thanks…I love your channel😊

  • I got pretty good results with this. My before-after pictures show more even skin tone and PIH fading (no other change in my routine). I use it morning and night, and 1 tube only lasts me a month.

  • Mariana Fares says:

    I tried 4 diferent vitamin c serums, and I found out I like the ones with vitamin E in the formula, I guess Just because How It makes my skin feels. Without the vitamin E It feels dry, and with It feels soft and moisturised.

  • Dr Dray has little love for Vit C. We can tell that it doesn’t spark joy to her! Thanks for your honesty! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • I was one of the people who requested this review. Thank you very much. You always listen to us. You're probably one of those rare doctors who actually listens to your patients, too 🙂

  • When I use a vitamin c serum, I do see a remarkable difference. Especially with how my skin heals. Knowing your take on it, I've been really curious about why that is. I have multiple health issues, and as a result, my skin does not heal like the average person. I know for sure that my acid mantle/skin barrier is not healthy. Could the vitamin c be providing something that my skin needs for healing? Very interesting!

  • Can you review some SeneGence products. They claim to be anti aging, mechanical shield against the sun, to be the best product on the market, and better ingredients than anything out there & also

  • I went to target and saw the box and bought it then while driving back home I thought: "Dr Dray is not gonna appreciate this…" But heck!!! Here's a video from her!! of the product!!! lol. Will start using it tomorrow morning.

  • https://alliesofskin.com/products/vitamin-c35-collagen-rebuilding-serum. Allies of Skin 35% Vit C Love it, non irritating.

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