Can your diet help you “age” backwards? | Aging Backwards
I think we can all agree: When you look good, you FEEL good. And while things like updating your hairstyle or getting a spa treatment can certainly “elevate” your look, NOTHING can replace the appearance-boosting benefits of proper nutrition. In fact, the right diet can actually slow the aging process, helping you look better than ever. On this episode, Dr. Steven Gundry MD shares some surprising nutritional advice for gorgeous skin, hair, and nails. These simple tips can make you look YEARS younger, so you’ll want to hear them for yourself.

Mentioned on this episode:

The Longevity Paradox

Vitamin C for collagen production


Edible sunscreen

The dangers of mainstream sunscreen

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26 thoughts on “Can your diet help you “age” backwards?| Ep49”

  • The Dr. Gundry Podcast says:

    Thanks for watching! Do you have any beauty tricks that YOU swear by to combat aging? Let me know in the comments below:

  • robert travistext says:

    I used to were glasses and my eyes were getting worse , my hair was grey Teeth rotting. These are the first signs cos your body can do fine with grey hair so it’s one of the first signs u not getting what u need . Now my hair is black teeth getting better and I don’t need glasses. That’s when you know you are taking in what your body needs . Simple as that.

  • Maria Sernaca says:

    99% of the olive oil sold in the world is FAKE! Google it. Controlled by the mafia. I eat org. green olives instead. Very expensive very hard to find organic! Silica will give you lung cancer. Google it! Vitamin C is SYNTHETIC l-ascorbic acid which actually turns oxidant and will age you rapidly because… google it! (HINT: it all comes from GMO corn. Welcome BT toxin in your gut? Hello Morgellons!)

  • I wonder if someone can explain the recent studies showing that vitamin supplements do not help much at all and if they are taken in wrong dosage, they do more harm…so by suggesting some other new supplements, how does this whole information help us?

  • Spicy Artisan Hipster Salami says:

    All of these tips are great, don’t forget plain water. It’s the #1 thing (besides a healthy, whole food nutritious diet) that plumps skin and lines all but fade away. I mean, if you have craters, they aren’t going to disappear but normal wrinkles and lines? Very reduced

  • As I have a fair amount of sweet black grapes I am concerned about my blood sugar levels. Is this fear unwarranted because of the fibre content of the grapes. Or should I eat them sparingly.

  • @Steven Gundry MD Why take ANY KIND of Vitamin supplement when you can simply eat some raw fruit on the go or Fresh Pressed Juice for Super Power Packed, Vitamin/Mineral Rich TRUE SUPPLEMENT or make a nutritive tea, getting plenty of Vitamin C throughout the day. I Love your videos and Thank You for your time invested and the fabulous information. I mean no offense but certainly with all your Knowledge and understanding way beyond MOST "Doctors" I've dealt with or watched very briefly if they start talking pills and supplements, you surely know how easy a good Organic piece of Fruit would be compared to a man made "supplement" that quite often if not most always is not even a plant based "supplement" but a man made chemical copy or a constituent which isn't even remotely close to the power of the whole plant with all of its chemistry in tact, in most cases.

    Granted, there are specific plant parts in some plants which are separate chemistry/medicine than other parts or are poisonous when the rest of the plant is not, etc.. I always prefer a TRUE "supplement" by using Fruit or Green Juice from Raw, Living, Electrically ACTIVE Fruits or WILD ESPECIALLY Green Drinks. Wild and Free, grown in Nature, unchanged by man's hand, no panty waste pussy cat plants in Nature SURVIVE. No tilling, seeding, watering or praying for rain. In Nature, the Survivors are the toughest and when you consume them, you consume the Information and CODES FIRST HAND, not through an Animal. Anyway, LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and I Hope you will consider my Words carefully because you seem to be OPEN to TRUTH and the TRUTH IS, we're being LIED TO about Nutrition AND "SUPPLEMENTS". Blessings, Gratitude and Much Love!

  • Sid and Sharon Lewis says:

    Can you recommend a like minded doctor in the Houston area that will evaluate us and lead us through a journey to a more healthy life.

  • Benlo Schmidt says:

    Another very important question we would love to get your recommendations please: How to optimize 'healthy hormone levels' as you age. Guys like Jay Campbell and Jim Brown with their "Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible" have their opinions – some based on solid science – other more anecdotal. They cover the natural and pharmaceutical options – and you happen to be an expert in both 'realms' by now. Can you please give some pointers for both men and women – especially for the over-50s. You mention ways to avoid estrogen-like components, and then a couple of things like mushrooms that can be helpful, but there must be more. Maybe some herbs and foods you can recommend? Can you please do a podcast to shed some light on this? Thanks!

  • Benlo Schmidt says:

    I've been following your work intensely since the Plant Paradox – then the Longevity Paradox – Life-changing!! Very grateful! Just one BIG QUESTION – Why are you not sharing anything about Vitamin K2 MK-7 form?? You advise to use high-dose Vitamin D3, but that can actually be dangerous without Vitamin K2 MK-7… Please Doc, do a podcast on this very important topic – that's one we would expect from a Cardiovascular Expert – especially one who has done the Paradigm Shifts. Unless you've done it already, then please send me the link – but there is nothing in your books – except for a small mention of K2 among the supplements you take personally. Natto is not an option for most of us in the West . . . and with the taste and consistency, the uptake will be minimal. I know Dr. Mercola (where I saw you for the first time) even has a combo of 5000iu Vit D3 and 180mcg Vit K2 (MK-7) – and mentions the importance in detail in his book "Effortless Healing". We would love to know your take on Vitamin K2 MK-7, please!

  • Ionela Fessler says:

    Wow! Nice marketing, doctor, recommending about a dozen products. Who wouldn't look good?! Taking all of those things is just ridiculous! I follow a very simple diet and it's great. Chard meat causes brown spots? That's not right. This doctor says that about meat because he only eats fish and seafood, no meat (beef, pork etc). He uses a product for making his brown spots disappear, it's not because he is not eating chard meat. This video is pretty upsetting to me. So ridiculous 😦🙁

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